The Magic of Karl Albrecht

Sean Fletcher

In this age of “Gurus” there is one, for me at least, that has stood the test of time. His name: Dr Karl Albrecht. His work will forever remain a key part of the customer orientated world in which we live.

Karl understands the human psyche only too well.  His tools and insights have provided invaluable approaches when dealing with the perceptions of not only the varied customers out there, but those regarding our staff as well.

During the last 18 years, I have often thought of engaging Karl’s services to assist me with improving the many different service delivery environments in which I have worked. Alas, I was never able to achieve this.

However, my lack of achievement on this front has never prevented me from using a number of key tools developed by Karl and his team. One such tool I use regularly is the Customer Service Triangle (Found in: Customer Service: The Only Thing That Matters; and Service America: Doing Business in the New Economy). It has, time and again, proved to be a very useful framework regarding the customer experience and one that I have used to actively engage staff.  The Service Triangle allows you to not only understand why customers and staff do what they do, but to also come up with ways to improve the work environment, which in turn leads to creating a much better experience for the customer.

Karl’s (and Ron Zemke’s) goal has always been for you and I to understand the importance of bringing the customer into the heart of the organisation through aligning three key elements: the strategy of the organisation, the engagement of the people that work for the organisation, and the improvement and selection of systems that will assist the organisation deliver value.

The Service Triangle can be implemented at the highest level or utilised deep within the heart of an organisation regarding a particular project, task or event.

Customer Service Triangle

An Adaptation of the Customer Service Triangle Developed By Karl Albrecht

The Customer Service Triangle is simple in its form and beauty, but quite magical in terms of the outcomes it can deliver. Give it a try…

Sean Fletcher is the Principal Consultant at Strategic Teams

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