Back In The Frontline This Week – Working With The Community

Author: Sean Fletcher 

The Morawa Town Square
One of the great things about the consultancy work I do, is that, from time to time, I get to revisit my former life as a local government chief executive officer.

In otherwords, a local government will ask me to act as its chief executive while the current CEO has some much needed time off.

So this week, I have filled in at the Shire of Morawa, reacquainted myself with the community, interacted with the staff and had a chat with the Shire President.

The Shire of Morawa

The Shire of Morawa is located in the Mid West Region of Western Australia, and belongs to a group of local governments in the sub-region known as the North Midlands. The other name that this sub-region is synonymous with is the Wildflower Way. Each year the wild flowers in the area put on a spectacular show, and this year has been no different.

The other interesting feature regarding this part of the world is mining. The first iron ore that was mined in WA, came from a mine just down the road. Mining has continued, struggled at times, taken off again and then gone quiet. However, it is subtly gearing up again despite what most of the media pundits say. Yes, there is gold and other minerals in them there hills.

In regards to Morawa itself, I have come back to update myself on a range of key projects that I either helped progress, complete or initiate. 

The Shire has been the beneficiary of key funding in recent years courtesy of Royaly for Regions and other key funding programs  that has allowed it to do the following:

  • Upgrade its recreation centre at the Morawa Sports Ground;
  • Revitalise the town square;
  • Insert a grain freight re-alignment route inside the town itself as opposed to the main road going around the town;
  • Put in place both a residential and industrial land subdivision; 
  • Build new accommodation for the aged; and
  • Upgrade a range of other facilities and services including the provision of a doctor.

The Shire is also party to a host of other activities and supports a range of key initiatives that includes the development of a trade training centre, the benefits provided through the alternative career paths created by the agricultural college and the ongoing support of all age groups through having a local hospital.

The great thing about this week then, apart from the wild flowers, is seeing that all of the above has continued. Local governments work hard to support their communities, invest in them the best way they can and do much more besides.

Of course the other benefit I have had this week are members of the community who have remembered me from before and asked straight up for my help or support, or with those who don’t know me, but have come up to me and said things like “Your the Acting CEO aren’t you? We had a party here at the recreation centre last night and we have just finished cleaning up. Let us know if it’s not satisfactory and we will come down and sort it out”. That’s community.


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