A Key Strategy To Break Stagnation: The Circuit Breaker Effect

Author: Sean Fletcher


When Work Stagnates

Over time, the good work that we do, and that of our work colleagues seems to come to a standstill. The inertia stops. We no longer seem to be ticking the boxes. And, we seem to be spending more time chasing paperwork and in effect, our tails.

So, how do we remedy this situation?

The answer: Bring someone in from outside who can act as your circuit breaker.

The Circuit Breaker

My observation of the above is based on personal experience and observation. As a consultant, I get the opportunity to work with clients in this exact situation.

So, how do I act as the circuit breaker?

Once or twice each year, I enter a client’s business for two or four weeks at a time. I undertake a key task or two (or quite a few more) and do this for them. In short, I punch through a key deadline in a very short space of time. 

This is very different to just consulting and taking on a project. This is about knowing a client’s business,  the operations in that business and then undertaking and completing tasks that are, or may become, bottlenecks.

However, I don’t work in isolation when I undertake this role. It’s still important to involve those in the organisation that I am the circuit breaker for. I become a key part of the team(s). And, it involves complete trust. I am there, onsite, working side by side with my “investors”.

How it Works – Working With The Investors

To be a circuit breaker, the process I use is this:

  1. Quickly familiarise and understand what is happening in the work space.
  2. Meet with the key players i.e. the investors.
  3. Develop an action plan.
  4. Get started.
  5. Keep the investors informed.
  6. Make sure the investors receive a copy of the outcomes.
  7. Celebrate with the investors.

The outcome: A sense of relief for your client, reinvigoration to continue and some space to achieve once more.

Till Next Time…

In the meantime, if you have any comments you would like to share regarding the circuit breaker effect, please comment below 📥


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