The Best Way To Reduce Stress – Walk To Work

Author Sean Fletcher

Yes, they are the author’s feet!

The Trap of Getting On With It!

Five weeks ago, I finally convinced myself to get back into walking to work. The catalyst was working away as the Acting CEO at the Shire of Morawa for two weeks at the start of September. Whenever, I am at Morawa, I get a lot of walking in. So, I said to myself this time that I would continue walking on my return to the Greenwood office (and take advantage of its many benefits each day).

As such, the Strategic Teams office is located 2kms from home, which is an ideal distance to help reach the so called magical 10,000 steps each day. It also means I can take advantage of our current location to go for a nice walk at lunch time. And, it was also a key consideration when setting up our office back in January of this year.

The great thing I have been reminded of each time I have walked to work is this: whenever I have felt anxious in the morning during the last month due to competing deadlines, by the time I have completed walking to work, I  have felt totally calm. In fact I have found myself relaxed with all irrational thoughts gone. I open up the office, take the time to look through the local newspaper and enjoy a cup of tea and listen to whats on the radio. These are things I don’t do when I am wound up, because I fall in to that trap of “I need to get on with it”. The reality is though, I don’t achieve anymore when I am wound up than when I’m not. In fact the walking during the last little bit has seen me focus more clearly, and tick the boxes more readily. Yes, that being said, I am very well organised anyway, which is often my saviour when feeling the pressure. But I still have those moments.

The Chill Out Walk

In the article, the Chill Out Walk, the importance of the meditative walk and its seven steps are explored including:

  • The need for no distractions (so no devices. Resist the urge to listen to music etc);
  • Stop and pay attention to your surroundings; and
  • Most importantly of all, do not fight your thoughts. Let them surface. After all, Ringo put it best: “stop and smell the roses.”

So, get out there and walk to work. It will help, no doubt about it.

Till Next Time…

Please take the time to have a look at my posts on staff engagement which can be found on this blog.

In the meantime, if you have any comments you would like to share regarding walking to work, please comment below 📥



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