Remember to Delegate – The Three Rules!

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When the pressure is on, we tend to forget one of the key tools in our armoury of workplace survival: delegation.

It’s a funny thing pressure. It builds and builds. Clear thinking disappears and then we become stressed.

And losing sight of the wood for the trees happens to the best of us. Remembering to delegate to help relieve the workplace pressure that builds on each one of us takes practice. We have to constantly remind ourselves that delegation is a viable option when it comes to how we can get through the extensive list of “tensions” that have landed on our plate.

Our three rules of delegation are:

  1. Trust that the people who work for you will deliver their best. Trust is essential. Your team members need to know that you have faith in their ability to do what is required. Once they know this, they will be very receptive to taking on additional tasks.
  2. Be certain of the ability of those you delegate tasks to. Capability is the secret ingredient. Team members do not need to know how to undertake what has been given to them to finish. They need to have the capacity to listen, learn, ask questions and seek out how to complete the task.
  3. Apply delegation to 1 in 4 tasks that are on your list. It’s up to you what you delegate. The key is delegating enough tasks that help you begin to feel that your workload has now become manageable. As it turns out, 25% seems to be the magic number! This might be 25% of tasks on your list, or a task that takes up 25% of your time (remember Pareto’s principle!)

Take the time to apply these three rules, and you will notice the difference. Now that you know, the choice is yours.


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