The Importance Of A Community That Shares


During the week, a local prospector popped into the Shire of Sandstone Office to share with us some of his more recent finds. 

Most of the items in the photo above are thought to be over 100 years old. The sharing of these items by Jim, and his desire to find the owner of some of them, gives an insight into how attached communities are to their history – and why it should be treasured.

The most amazing find – that of the service medal for T J Facey. When Rhonda looked up his details online, it clearly showed that he had served in the Boer War and was badly wounded. The medal itself (like many medals at the time), is solid silver. Why was it left behind, where did he go, and is he related to Albert Facey? What happened to TJ Facey, we don’t know, but we suspect his family would at least like to have his medal back. 

The other items are fascinating too: a ring, a whistle and a tiny spoon. Each of these giving a tiny glimpse into how life was back then, in a place that, for a short time at least, had a population of 6,000 or more! 

So Sandstone is not just a place to prospect for gold. It clearly has many fascinating glimpses, or insights into what happened here in the past. Some of these glimpses are still just literally on the surface…


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