Lady Di’s Pies – An Inspiration


Lady Di with Jonathon
In Sandstone (Western Australia) each year, Lady Di’s Pies are unveiled for the tourist and weary traveller. 
Sandstone is a hot environment, but cools of for the Autumn and winter months – inviting the tourists and prospectors back between Easter and October each year.

The pies themselves are made with beef mince or other meats, locally grown vegetables (by William, another local) and her own selection of secret spices – a selling point in themselves.

Who is Lady Di?

Di Jellet is a resident of Sandstone, a self confessed Aussie battler who came up withe idea to make and sell pies on the spot at her stall, which is next to the Sandstone Visitors Centre.

Avid descriptions can be found of Di under the London Bridge attraction on Trip Advisor – where she has received glowing reviews and a five star rating.

What is Di’s Formula For Success?

When Di first mentioned her plan, she had many knockers and detractors. “Why would you want to do that?” they said. “It won’t work!” others cried.

So what did Di do? She ignored those who were negative towards her, because at heart Di is a positive soul. With determination she worked out her business model, approached the Shire for her hawkers’ permit, converted her kitchen in her home to the required standard and then got down to business.

Di has a unique selling proposition – pies made to order on the spot, and the fact that no one else makes pies and pasties within hundreds of kms of Sandstone. So, Di realised that her market is the visitors that come to Sandstone each year in the cooler months who, as part of looking for something to do, want to engage with the locals and have a local experience at the same time. And if it involves food freshly made – well that is more than just icing on the cake!

Di also has a warm, effusive and engaging style. She is the most upbeat of stall traders. Her prattle and how she drags customers in is second to none. She will flag passing tourists down, call out to you on the street, offer you free tea and coffee if that will seal the deal, tell some amazing stories and all in the name of promoting Sandstone.


Linda Selecting Some of William’s Vegetables

Lady Di’s Pies also ties in with the other stall holders that includes Williams Vegetables. William grows veggies locally, bakes bread and other pastries. Both of these businesses tie in with the local hotel – the National Hotel (very good meals and great drinks) and the post office (which also has art on sale). And there is also the Visitors Centre where gold still found today by the locals, is on display from time to time. Working together and offering different products is another key to success.

And Di doesn’t have any electronic means of promoting her business (other than those who have kindly left a review somewhere) …

Proof That Word Of Mouth Still Works

Di doesn’t have a website or Facebook page or any other platform. Apart from a number of reviews on Trip Advisor and Wikicamps, Di relies on word of mouth. Remember, Sandstone is 700kms north east of Perth, in the dry country – famous for the gold it gave up over 100 years ago. 

Those who have been to Sandstone, or come back each year seek out Lady Di’s pies. Word of mouth is very strong in the travelling community.

So even in a remote part of the world you can have business success, you just need to work out something that ties in with who, or what the market is.


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