Customer Dreams – Alex Glassey

Every now and then a book comes along that makes you stop and think. Customer Dreams by Alex Glassey is one such book. 

Along the way, I had the previlege, like a number of others, to comment on the draft manuscript that Alex had prepared regarding Customer Dreams. You see, Alex is one of those rare individuals who shares what he is truly about: entrepreneur, academic and customer service advocate. In recognition of the feedback I provided, Alex has generously mentioned my involvement in a couple of places.

The book itself is a fable on how Sam, through her mentor, came to understand that helping her customers realise their own dreams was critical to her turning her business around. Then at the end of Sam’s story, Alex explains how to escape the daily dilemma we find ourselves i.e. short term, and quite often, non repeat clients.

So, take the time to read about Sam and her business friends and colleagues. It won’t take long. But, what you will end up doing as a result, is gaining a very valuable insight into how to move from the traditional transaction box that we all dwell in regarding the customer experience and services, to a world where our clients will no longer see us as a cost. In fact, Customer Dreams shows us how to become the valued go to service provider for our clients. The secret: by helping our clients realise their dreams through working side by side with them and not just working for them. In other words, “Once we understand that our customer buys to satisfy a feeling or aspiration, we are motivated to create better offerings”.

The link to Customer Dreams is here: Customer Dreams by Alex Glassey


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