Four Reasons To Take Short Breaks Regularly

Linda , Kyle and Jonathon at the Cheese Barrel

Linda and I were reminded during the week of the importance of taking time out from our busy lives. We actually decided to take Wednesday and Thursday off and spend it with our boys in the Swan Valley. In fact we booked into the Vines and lived home away from home.

So it was a short stay. But, why was this important?

Well, firstly, it was during the week. Taking time out that doesn’t involve the weekend is quite liberating. Secondly, it was a case of giving ourselves permission to take time out that was outside our normal holiday arrangements. Thirdly, we spent time with two of our three children where we did fun things together. Lastly, Linda and I just had time to talk to each other. By the end of the two days, we commented to each other that we felt like we had been on holidays for a week or more!

The lesson here is that we spend so much of our time fitting in to whatever life expects of us that we forget how to slow down, drop out, relax and enjoy what is around us. Giving ourselves permission to do something different to what the World expects of us, allows both our body and mind to reset and thus make it easier to re-engage with the norm. 

A regular reset can only be a very good thing. Go ahead and give it a try, we highly recommend it …


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