Engage, Communicate & Act on iBooks


Engage, Communicate & Act

Have you ever wondered how to get more productivity from your employees?

Well, it’s possible if you adopt an engagement approach with your employees. That is to say, an approach that consists of leading those who work for you, keeping them informed of what’s happening, collaborating with them on projects and committing to their training and development needs.

In Engage, Communicate & Act, we show you how to engage with your employees through using the “Engagement Diamond” and suggest a method of how to implement key engagement strategies in your organisation.

Engaged employees will respect you, look after you as you look after them and protect those things you and they have strived long and hard to achieve.

An overview of the e-book can be found right here!

This e-book was written by Sean Fletcher, the Principal Consultant at Strategic Teams.


“I have worked with Sean as a Community Development Officer and Emergency Co-ordinator, before I eventually retired. This work embodies many of the principles I learnt from him. Remember that what he says is that Management must work in harmony with Employees”.

Barry Keens

“This is a gem of a book, ideal for the manager on the go. Having worked as part of Sean’s executive time, I have witnessed the results of the strategies, implemented them and most certainly reaped the rewards”.

Peter Dittrich

Engage, Communicate & Act is now available on the iBooks Store! 




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