Remember: It’s about work, rest and play!

Dolphins Saying Hello At Monkey Mia
I had the opportunity this week to stay at Monkey Mia on the Shark Bay peninsula in Western Australia. I was reminded that it is a great place to work, rest and play!

Sunrise At Monkey Mia

Every morning was a delight re the weather and the glorious view over the bay. And then if that isn’t enough, when eating breakfast at the Boughshed Restsurant, you have the opportunity to watch the dolphins come right up to the waters edge. The dolphin experience that follows is fantastic at this World Heritage listed site.
Hundreds of people line up to watch the dolphins and a lucky few get the chance to give the dolphins some fish. No touching of the dolphins is allowed. The fish offered is minimal so that the dolphins do not become dependant on us to survive.

You can chill out at Monkey Mia, or go fishing, participate in beach activities, go on bush walks or pop over to Denham and enjoy the Discovery Centre:

Denham Discovery Centre

At the Discovery Centre you will find a marvellous interactive display and history of the area including material on the Dutch explorers (Dirk Hartog).

Breakfast At The Boughshed

The Shark Bay Area is a fantastic seaside environment and I was very, very fortunate to work here this week and then kick back and enjoy – which is something we should all do more often.

Maybe I will see you there one day…


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