Five principles for effective governance which matter

The five principles of governance in this superb article are easily transferable to any situation that requires good governance…

Governing Matters

Bloggers have recently been writing posts about five things.Old Andrew has listedfive of these posts. I thought I’d write one too so here are my five governance things which I think are important for good, effective and ethical governance, governance which should ensure that the children in our schools get the best possible education.

1. Nolan Principles of Public Life

Governors hold public office. We are responsible for spending public money. Nolan Principles should be the foundation on which we base our governance. This would ensure we govern ethically.

2. Strategic vs Operational 

It’s imperative that governors understand the difference between strategic and operational and stick to doing the strategic. Focusing on the strategic would mean they do justice to their core responsibilities. It would also mean that the line between school leadership and management isn’t blurred. Thirdly, focusing on the strategic is one of the ways governors…

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