Blue Tiger Art – How Luminescent Are You?

Here we are at the start of a fabulous weekend. Enjoy yours!

wallpaper et fond d'Γ©cran art graphique tigre

I thought I would share with you this wonderful image by Voyage Onirique (Angelilie) a site that has the most delightful artworks and images.

There is a photo of me when I was seven years old as a cub in the boy scouts, next to a tiger skin (it was very old then). In essence, it was representing part of the folk lore by Rudyard Kipling. The remnants of the photo have been on display at times, as the tiger skin is long gone. However, it left a lasting impression on me: who would want to do this to such a magnificent creature? What does it mean to be a tiger? What is our responsibility towards such wonders of nature?

The tiger symbolises so many things: majesty, self confidence and being brave as well as the transference of anger into wisdom. The Blue Art Tiger reminds me of what it means to be luminescent: the emitting of cool light instead of heat. To be wise in the face of adversity. To be calm instead of fiery.

The colour blue in itself means to be calm and reliable. To be trustworthy and loyal, and when it comes to blue water, the healing boundary between lands.

It is not often we get the chance to shine, but when we do, we have a choice: to blaze as brightly as a fiery beacon and burnout, even to fade away in a short period of time, or leave a lasting and majestic impact that is of benefit to those around us. When others see the luminescence you have, they will want to be a part of that too!

Bioluminescence dazzles beachgoers at Tasmania's Preservation Bay - ABC  News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The bright blue glow is caused by billions of single-celled plant plankton which illuminate when disturbed.
Facebook: Brett Chatwin

17 Comments on “Blue Tiger Art – How Luminescent Are You?”

  1. First of, that image is spectacular. One can tell a lot of heart went into that one. The tiger skin story was a little heartbreaking for me. You are right – why do people do that to beautiful things? Anyway, love how tender this is, and so wise. Your description of blue is poetic and real!

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