Thought Of The Day – Learning From Your Mistakes

Published by Sushmasuman on Just My Thoughts

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Sushmasuman has some wonderful thoughts and turn of phrases on her blog Just My Thoughts that ring very true, like this one regarding mistakes:

Mistakes increase your experience.Β 

Experience decrease your mistakes. 

If you learn from your mistakes.

Others learn from your success.Β 

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10 Comments on “Thought Of The Day – Learning From Your Mistakes”

  1. Yup. “Mistakes increase your experience. Experience decreases your mistakes.” I’ve been making plenty of mistakes lately as I learn a new set of skills. I hope this ends up with others learning from my success…

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    • That’s the best way to go and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much when we make a mistake. Much of the work I do is just that – sharing my experiences with where something went wrong and then how we fixed it 😊


  2. That’s a great way of putting it! It’s more encouraging than the saying I once heard that we are born with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of experience, and the trick is to fill the bag of experience before the luck runs out. Similar thought, but it’s not like most of us need another deadline to worry about!

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