How to respond to an insult

Thoughtful and insightful wisdom by Fr Michael on turning negative comments by others into an opportunity. His three steps are: respond positively – steer away from the urge to be negative back, use the hidden substance of the insult as the basis for personal growth and take your time to think before forming a thoughtful response 😊

On God's Payroll


Fr. Michael Rennier 

These 3 steps can help you be a person of integrity and strengthen your relationships.

Ihave a lot of flaws. In the interest of transparency, I’d be happy to write out a list for you, but to paraphrase St. John the Evangelist, there aren’t enough books in the world to contain such a list. I’m starting out with this humble admission because I don’t want to sound too arrogant – arrogance being one of my main flaws, by the way – when I claim that I’m fairly good at responding to insults.

Very little that anyone says gets to me anymore, elicits a rejoinder, or causes me to do or say anything I regret. The sad truth is, most priests are good at being insulted, and I’ve learned how to be sanguine over the years by watching older priests whom I admire. People say so many…

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