Taking Time Out – Christmas Lights and Other Things

Reflecting, Gardening and Taking Care Part 2

So, despite some of the momentous events going on in the world at the moment, we chose this week just to be us.

We are fortunate that we live in a part of the world where we can do this. However, wherever you are, even when the chips are down, it’s always important to remember who we are underneath it all and let that person shine through.

Being us this week has meant preparing for and celebrating the Melbourne Cup, putting up Christmas lights earliesh with our grandson and talking about how we as a family see the big wide world.

Today was the perfect day to install Christmas lights before it gets too hot πŸ₯΅
Retrieving and assembling the lights
The inflatables in place
The inflatables from another angle
The lights on dusk! There are others yet to come!

Meanwhile in the backyard…

Cubby house uncovered. Restoration now required!
The Willy Wagtail checking in
The pizza oven – now assembled
Animal corner
The morning before the Melbourne Cup
The Race on the big screen. It starts with 24 horses, is run over 3,200 metres with a total prize pool of $8M.
So, it was lunch at home this year instead of celebrating the race in a pub or in another part of the country!
Some of the ladies after the race
The winner of the Dragon Flight race and the winner of the Melbourne Cup sweep

Always remember who you are, take time out to reflect on what’s important to you and enjoy life 😊 Because, despite what some may say, the world will be here tomorrow and you have an important part to play in it…

14 thoughts on “Taking Time Out – Christmas Lights and Other Things

  1. Sean – we also have a lot of folks putting up their Christmas Decorations at this early date. I think we need an emotional lift right now, especially here in the US.

    I am totally digging Santa Sharknado right now. It is awesomely cool. I see the garden is progressing. Good job you! πŸ‘

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    1. Hello Rita, I think putting up Christmas decorations right now is a worthwhile and cathartic thing to do. Hopefully, everyone can start closing out this year soon. I hope it is becoming less hectic for you too.

      Yeah – Santa Sharknado is awesome. Our grandson is totally mesmerised by it. I am enjoying the garden challenge each day, and of course enjoying my work breaks out there too 😎

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Will. We put the finishing touches to the outside last night. People have already started pulling up and having a look. The inside is next! Have fun with your decorations!

      We have an American friend and her husband coming up for Thanksgiving at the American club here on Thursday and then we are catching up with them on the Friday.


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