When The Leviathan Wakes!

Will you frolic? Gently lead your team, or throw caution to the wind and perhaps be destructive?

When the leviathan wakes within you, and you find yourself up for a challenge, there are a number of choices available to you:

  1. You can be a whale; or
  2. You can be a whale shark; or
  3. You can be a kraken!

The Whale 🐋

In this context, being a whale is to spring into action. Whales, such as the Humpback enjoy life. They frolic. They raise their offspring responsibly and know exactly what the game plan is.

I had a situation yesterday where I thought I had left a key part of my skill set behind (by choice) as I continue my journey on a different path. However, sometimes, like an elastic band, circumstances pull you back to where you once were.

There it was, a situation looming like an iceberg. I found myself realising my planned migration was coming to an end. So, what did I do? I jumped into the fray. Like a whirling dervish (not really, but I had to create a pause and think quickly), I set the scene, posed a solution and then squared away the main players after the event. Then I sat down and had a quiet drink.

I chose to do this for the better, and it was the “right thing” to do. Now, it’s up to others to embrace the path and see it through 😎

The Whale Shark 🦈

whale shark undewater
Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

I live in a part of Australia where the largest whale sharks roam along the Ningaloo Reef to our north. They are gentle giants. They move from one place to another, getting on with life calmly and with no fuss.

Whale Sharks are like a mini ecosystem – existing as part of team where team members both give and receive.

When you realise that the best course of action is being calm and serene – do it. Enjoy that cup of coffee, eat that piece of cake, gently encourage others to come along for the ride.

The best moments I have enjoyed with any team are when we have taken the time to enjoy a different setting and tossed around ideas to come up with a whole range of solutions. When this happens, the calamity stops and a sense of purpose shines through.

The Kraken 🦑

A kraken is the denizen of the deep. In myth it is rarely friendly and often associated with being highly destructive.

When they appear, their tentacles are everywhere. And they won’t let go.

We were watching a movie with our grandson on the weekend. The central storyline was about an evil emperor who used a space kraken to destroy other worlds. Of course, every time the kraken appeared I would mimic Shaun Micallef “Release the kraken.” Shaun is a great Aussie comedian and his show always has a segment where he lampoons the poor old kraken. If you watch the video, I do apologise for my sense of humour 😂

Here’s the thing: you might want to be a kraken on occasion. I wouldn’t recommend it though. However, that doesn’t mean you may not need to use one from time to time.

You may know a kraken or two!

So, that being said, how do you keep a kraken, at bay? If we look to Captain Nemo and his crew in the Jules Verne classic: 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea, we find a clue when the Nautilus is attacked by many denizens of the deep: through working together they defeated not just one giant squid, but many and went on to have more exciting adventures.

Variations on a Theme: Handling Great Whites and Killer Whales!

shark on sea
Photo by Alex Steyn on Unsplash

Great Whites are notorious killers. They hunt with intelligence and speed, even together at times, and rarely fail in reaching their objective. Sadly, we have both types here: those in the water and those on land. As Jimmy Buffet often sings: “fins to left, fins to the right, you’re the only bait in town.” Being smart and keeping out of their environment is the smart play here, if you know what I mean.

whale in sea
Photo by Thomas Lipke on Unsplash

Killer Whales (remember the film Orca) are similar to the Great White, except they do have a playful side and are responsible to their pod. Beware: they will draw you in and act real cute too.

However, the exceptions to the rule: Free Willy and the wonderful story The Lighthouse of the Orcas.

How you want to lead or go about a task or issue in life is always up to you. However, our past events and experiences will pull us back to where we once were, in an instant.

When this happens, let the Leviathan shine through, you will then know what to do!

6 thoughts on “When The Leviathan Wakes!

  1. I love this way of exploring the different approaches to challenges! There are times when going slow is the best choice and times when leaping in or even a touch of aggression is called for. Probably best to use the kraken as a last resort, though. You wouldn’t want it to become a habit! 😄

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