The Window of Your Soul

When we look through a window, what do we see?

When you look through a window, do you see your soul?

Our eyes, it is said, are the windows into our soul. However, the truth is, the window we choose to look out onto the world is the true view into our soul.

Dr Negin Minaei says “Windows are not just about sunshine (and vitamin D) and thermal energies, they can improve air quality, provide views and refuge for people. In addition, they have relaxing and restoration properties if they look out on natural sceneries.”

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, just like people and the situations within.

Windows are not just found in houses, buildings and workplaces. They can be found in a garden, the bushland, the desert, or the beach.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes too. Some will embrace the window’s view, others will not care and yet others will choose as many windows as they can see.

This was the view to the East from the C Restaurant in Perth on Wednesday. It’s a revolving restaurant and apart from the fabulous lunch that Linda and I enjoyed, it made me reflect on why it’s import to have a 360 degree view of the world 😎

What do you see?

The view across to South Perth
A view to the West through to Kings Park
Hyde Park to the North, with bushfires in the distance

For me, a window provides peace of mind. It is also an opportunity to reflect. Sometimes, the beauty a window reveals is pause in itself. My soul likes to be peaceful, however, there are those who get in the way of that 😉

Christmas is just around the corner too…

20 thoughts on “The Window of Your Soul

  1. I love my windows as they form my view over London when I can’t physically get out there. Unfortunately though the hotel next door has applied for planning permission for another eight floors which will block my best view 😦

    Love your pics Sean, particularly the Christmas tree and your lovely wife. It’s adorable and it’s making me feel Christmassy 🙂

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    1. That is a shame about the hotel next door. May be you can hit them up for an annual all expenses paid weekend stay for the inconvenience 😎 As much as I am for progress and development, I am a great believer in preserving the amenity too.

      Thank you Caz for your comments re the photos. We had just the best time. And Linda is the queen of all things Christmas – now if only I can hide the jazz saxophone playing Santa before she unpacks it 🎄🎅🎄

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      1. We live by the City and Docklands so there are lots of hotels so I don’t think there’s a need – but hey, who am I to argue? I’ll continue to say no to their planning application 😃
        🎅🎅 Oh, those jangley musical santas drive me nuts lol. Other than those, I love all things Christmas 🎅🎅

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Windows are wonder! During the course of the day I enjoy looking through the different windows around the house. Then out in the garden I am creating further “windows” to draw and intrigue the eye. We have a bay window in our bedroom with a couple of chairs which is truly delightful in the mornings.


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