Having A Bad Day

I love, love Gottfried – somehow he nails it every time 😊 I promise that if you link through to his post, you will enjoy his perspective too…

There are days I cannot take part in life. The supply of available curse words is insufficient to meet my demands. If you’re having a bad day, …

Having A Bad Day

10 thoughts on “Having A Bad Day

  1. That was a great post — full of wisdom AND humor. Thanks for directing us to it. I especially liked this sentence: “Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind. ” And I also like that he appears to appreciate camping (one of my favorite times of the year is camping each summer on Cape Cod).

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    1. Thanks for dropping by, Will. Never was a more true word written than his take on what it takes to have patience. Camping at Cape Cod sounds fabulous. We really like Anne Murray’s version of Old Cape Cod (in fact the whole Croonin album). I used to go camping a lot up until I got married. Linda’s not a fan – she won’t even consider “glamping.” 😂

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  2. Thanks for that link Sean. I bookmarked it and sent it to the rest of the family it was that doggone good.

    A shite day is just that and most of the time we manage to get through it. Such is life on this planet in this human form. No one is exempt from this classroom. The great hope is we do our best and learn the best things such as how to love one another all while avoiding any bad karma.

    Thank you sir!

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    1. That’s wonderful, Rita. I am so glad you shared his post with the family.

      I was literally in the classroom yesterday conducting training and it didn’t go well. I’m laughing about it today 😂

      I think that’s one of things I find intriguing about kdramas – the portrayal of glitz and perfection on the outside and then showing the reality on the inside.

      Absolutely yes to love one another and avoiding bad karma.

      Gottfried’s post was too good not to share 😉 It was my little part towards how we can put matters in perspective.

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