Happy New Year 🥳 Be Excellent!

May you have a Happy New Year and start the next year in the knowledge of what we have learnt in 2020 to help make 2021 as awesome as it can be!

If you have ever seen Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, then you will understand what I mean by “Be excellent to each other.”

Sure, the movie is not for everyone, but it has at its heart how being “excellent” will see a future with no war, no crimes, no disease and one where being kind to one another is central to living in a utopian existence.

2020 was tough for many. 2021 has some good news on the horizon. But, we cannot lose sight of the fact it may be just as tough as 2020. However, we have learnt much from such a tumultuous year. And, we need to put into practice what we have learnt to help us get through what lies ahead.

To be excellent to one another is a great place to start such a journey…

Party on, dudes…

11 Comments on “Happy New Year 🥳 Be Excellent!”

  1. I love the message you are putting out here! Bill and Ted is one of my hubby’s favorite movies, so he’d definitely get you. I’m going to sit down and watch it again with him. I only saw it once as a young kid.

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    • Thank you Markus and Micah. Both of you have shown me a lot, reminded me of a lot and are are a real pleasure to know and interact with. We have a lot planned for 2021, I hope you do to!


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