I Don’t Know About That, But I Think Wine is Good

I hope the New Year is going well, and for those who have yet to celebrate the new year, that you have enjoyed the last few days.

We have a saying in our house when it comes to dealing with misinformation or outrageous statements made by others:

I Don’t Know About That, But I Think Wine is Good

Sometimes, you need something that will help you deal with a ridiculous piece of information. The above saying does just that. Of course some people will look at you with a blank or quizzical look after you have made such a statement. Others will smile in the knowledge of what you have done.

How you choose to handle or deal with a silly statement, a comment on social media or a piece of dubious news coverage is up to you. Of course, you may just ignore it, which is what we generally do. However, every now and then, something is said or stated that will prompt one of us to say … but I think wine is good… and we will all nod out heads in agreement.

So, when it’s all said and done, raise a glass – and perhaps develop a saying you can use to help you deal with silly situations – cheers

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