10 Body Language Tips for Video Conferencing on Zoom or Skype — It’s all about Inspiration

How to improve your communication skills on Zoom and in front of a camera in the digital workplace? Rising Star provides some excellent advice on how to use body language more effectively when on a video conference call …

Body Language Tips for a Video Conferencing on Zoom: In our day-to-day lives, our body language and other nonverbal cues provide a stream of information to others. 1,596 more words

10 Body Language Tips for a Video Conferencing on Zoom or Skype — It’s all about Inspiration

The great aspect to Rising Star’s post is that it acts as a check list you can use before undertaking or participating in your next video conference. This includes: re-evaluating what your video space should look like; am I presentable?; have I reduced my distractions?; am I using the latest software?; am I committed to using the right tone and expressions and so on?

Some of the points Rising Star mentions that I use on a regular basis include:

  • Double checking that I have the latest version of the video conferencing software you will be using. There is nothing worse than five minutes before logging on, finding out that your video conferencing software isn’t working because you don’t have the latest update! Perhaps what is even more frustrating is when the application glitches. So, I always test several hours ahead of time by logging on to make sure I am good to go.
  • Making sure my mobile is switched off, or at the very least not acting as a distraction (I pretty much will have it on silent 99.9% of the time, anyway). Yes, I am guilty of this one sometimes. The temptation to “multitask” is always there. However, those who are on your conference call, if watching you, will notice how distracted you as you tackling those pesky emails. These distractions should be dealt with at a more appropriate time.
  • Above all else, being punctual. Not that this is a problem for me. However, it is even more important to be on time in the virtual world as opposed to the in person one. If you have ever waited for a freight train to finish passing through at a railway crossing, a handful of minutes feels like an eternity. This will be the same experience for other participants to the on-line meeting, webinar or workshop.

By taking the lead, and using Rising Star’s 10 Points you will make an even more favourable impression going forward

As with a person to person meeting, you can be just as much a pleasure to be around during a video conference call. It never hurts to be civil, to have a smile on your face and responding positively! And yes, I will be conducting an online workshop today and refer Tony body language checklist 😉

Do you have any further tips to share on how you make video conferencing calls a better experience for yourself and others? I am sure Rising Star would also love to hear from you (In fact, I know he would).

8 Comments on “10 Body Language Tips for Video Conferencing on Zoom or Skype — It’s all about Inspiration”

  1. Small talk. So important to start a conversation. Not about the weather, although that can help to start practicing. Just the genuine showing interest questions. How are you, today? Or based on the level of relationship with a co-worker, client, etc. : You look a bit distracted, everything ok? If you know more about the person, ask about their hobby, pets, children.
    Ultimately, any conversation is just that. Between two (or more) human beings.
    And be understanding of the current situation; not everyone has the luxury of an office space at home. Sometimes children, pets, the postman, etc. may interrupt.

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    • I have to practice small talk every day, Patty. The suggestions you have provided are so pertinent on this one. One of our cats interrupted a video conference call re implementation of further COVID measures here today. She wasn’t going to be deterred. It did provide everyone with a bit of laugh during a very serious discussion.

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  2. Great tips! I think circulating an agenda before the call is also a must. I’m not sure why but now that we are working from home people are coming less prepared and often just wing the calls. Add on technical issues and it just becomes a time waster.

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    • Hello Shelly, I am sorry I didn’t reply before now! I think you are quite right re the winging it. The one issue that has annoyed me no end about agendas and relevant information is they are left to the last minute now. Perhaps, the biggest change I have noticed re myself is the lack of taking my own notes, although I guess I could bring up a panel and type them as I go.


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