Our COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Western Australia has been fortunate for the best part of 10 months with most of us moving around quite freely. However, effective tonight we are in full lockdown for the next five days as it would seem that one of the virulent strains has made its way out into the wider community. The state government has acted extremely quickly to, as the premier put it, “stomp this thing out.”

Watching “King Julian” at the Perth Zoo, earlier in the new year

In effect, it is only the most populous part of the state that is locked down. There is no school for a week, no visits to hospitals or aged facilities, wearing of masks is mandatory and restaurants have gone back to take away only. There are no visitors allowed at all to our homes (unless providing emergency care). However, we are allowed out for one hour with one other person for an exercise routine in the immediate area only.

Our reusable masks arrived a couple of weeks ago, so that is all good. Linda was going to have a bit of a birthday celebration on Wednesday, but that won’t be happening now – except with us of course. Our on-line grocery order has gone in for delivery on Tuesday. Our daughter gets back from her filming location in a few hours, so she has made the deadline, otherwise she wouldn’t be allowed home for another week. We have made sure our respective parents are prepared as well, although they find the isolation difficult to deal with.

Work wise for me, I did have a trip away planned on Tuesday, but not now. I can see that I will be attending a COVID meeting by video conference tomorrow to discuss further strategies regarding certain things I am involved in supporting pandemic recovery strategies in a number of communities.

Some further additions to the patio garden. Our stray cat has decided he liked the barrel waterfall

So, up until an hour ago, life was normal. I have been tinkering in the garden since our return from Albany. The pizza oven continues to go very well. We watched The Dig last night on Netflix – in my view a fine film, you know I started out in life studying to be an archaeologist. We had started to watch The Stand. However, we bailed out quickly. Although quite relevant, it is a bit “campy” and not a patch on the mini series of some 26 years ago, nor the book for that matter. We have caught up on The Expanse this week – some of the finest television ever. I have read three books and managed to finish watching the Uncanny Counter yesterday.

When I went to pick my mum up yesterday, this little guy below was watching me intently. In fact, I was oblivious to him being on the railing on the set of steps I was walking up and brushed him with my hand. He was expecting me to actually give him something to eat:

The Australian Kookaburra – one of a family of five that likes to hang out where my mum lives. They are an iconic bird because of their “laugh” and are excellent snake catchers!
A native honey eater enjoying the pollen from one of our front yard palms

Of course, I haven’t been in position to do blog type things for a day or two, but I will be catching up on some comments very soon 😊

We are extremely grateful that our state government acts as hard and quickly as it does. I hope all of you are continuing to stay well and safe?

15 thoughts on “Our COVID-19 Lockdown Update

    1. Governments responding quickly is a key factor in dealing with COVID. It’s good to see that your government is quick to act, Ang. Overall, we are, as a nation, doing extremely well, despite blips here and there.

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  1. Thinking of you. With Australia being an island, I don’t understand why we risk letting people in from overseas yet unless they are returning Aussies, we’ve done so well to virtually eliminate it here. Locals who would have travelled overseas seem to be visiting surrounding areas, spending their money locally instead and supporting small businesses. Everyone gets punished and the economy suffers when we have to go into lock down.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts. It was always a matter of when. WA’s tourism industry has certainly been on the up in recent times (after the initial couple of months) because of the “stay at home travel.” In fact, I can confirm it has been difficult to book accommodation. The security protocols regarding quarantining do have to be improved substantially, especially around, it would seem, PPE.

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      1. Same here in Tassie, I’m selfishly loving it without tourists here! Off to Cradle Mountain again in June,hopefully get some better weather with a view of the mountain this time, or maybe snow 😀

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  2. Life will never be the same we’ve had too many quiet alone moments just thinking about it.. to go through the memories to feel loneliness to feel abandoned. I know my life has changed greatly . I just so happen to be one of those people that would like to stay home would like to stay in its cold out now .. I’m recovering from two total hip replacements it’s been very hard I love to read but I had a stroke st 35 it’s very hard to read with my left eye .I love music I love my animals my husband is gone he’s dead and I’m not a young kid anymore. I hate The Masks I can’t breathe in them but life will never be the same again .we questioned so much why this why that why did this have to happen why did so many have to die .I’m in New York state our governor is Andrew Cuomo we have a lot of questions for him a lot of questions ,never to be answered also I guess it’s all in God’s hands .

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    1. I feel so sad for what you have gone through where you are. So many did not have to die, in my view. Despite our differences over here, and comments from time to time, Australia as a whole has pulled in the same direction. We have agreed on a broad approach and the States have discretion in certain matters. I am sorry to hear about your hip replacements and difficulties with reading. I hope that you will not always feel so lonely. Music is a great thing, and I enjoy all those clips that you share. I look forward to more posts from you, and perhaps, about your husband and his music, that would be nice. Lovely to hear from you, always.

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  3. So sad that there is all of this going on. I hope one day all truth will come out and the cause of the virus is known. We have only been out to visit friends a few times in 10 months and if it were not for my blogging community, and now Clubhouse conversations, and conversations with my coworkers (as we all work from home), I would feel abandoned. I now have so much more empathy for those I used to hear about called, “Shut ins.” I never really understood that term until COVID hit.
    My heart goes out to you all. ❤️🦋🌀

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    1. Hello Sheila, thank you so much for your generous feelings of the heart to everyone. I think your posts always have a great message (and I have been making my way through Richard’s playlist – awesome). I can appreciate what you are saying re the potential to feel abandoned and “shut ins” as it is a very real phenomena. This is our first case of community transmission in 10 months. We have been out and about for the best part of four months, virtually able to go here and there and visit whoever. We even went to the movies recently. Australia is happy to play the truth game over here and get to the bottom of things. It’s important to know the origin so that we can prevent such exposures in the future.

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      1. Thank you sooo much for your thoughtful response, Sean. And thank you for checking out my hubby’s songs! Beautiful!
        Oh, to get out to the movies! We used to do that often. Now, we’re watching DVDs of old TV shows, and filling up our CD cases quickly. Haha!
        I’m glad to hear that Australia is looking for the truth about things too. Yes, Prevention is key. ❤️😉

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  4. Sean – First, celebratory greetings to Linda on her glorious 25th birthday! 🎈🎁🍰

    I sighed deeply while reading your comment “Governments responding quickly is a key factor in dealing with COVID.” Sir, truer words were never spoken. I am giving that an “Amen!’ accompanied by an “If only we were so lucky to have had a government that felt that way in the year 2020…”. I can only refer you to my personal view “Me thinkist the inmates were running the asylum”. 🤣😅😂

    I have been in self quarantine since March of 2020 except for about 20 ice cream runs down to the printers or the local HMart (kimchi!) or walks in the neighborhood with my grand daughter. I bought a tank of gas last March and another tank in December and I am still at full. In fact the battery on my car died due to the care not being used. 😆 I have no intention of getting a jump either. Great news is that my carbon footprint is next to nothing and that is a good thing.

    Our local cases are trending up at 38 new cases per day just in our Bucks County – rated the Extreme Risk level per the state. We have gone through a series of levels of lock down from; complete to semi-open to open and back to complete lock down again. The grand kids are still on the remote school learning plan and have not gone into the school since last March. My daughter is also still working remotely as the Academy of Natural Sciences will not allow their research group back in the building even though they opened last month to limited visitors. She has to get Covid tested before she can pick up specimens to work on at home. We are grateful the Coffee House has stayed in operation throughout due to take out service being approved in complete lock down. Marco’s gym was shut down for months last year and only opened back up at the end of 2020. Fun fact – we just got 18 inches of snow and everybody in the house got excited to go outside and shovel snow. ⛄

    I am starting to feel like one of the characters out of The Three Body Problem – I may be getting a case of ‘Space Madness’. 👨‍🚀🙄👨‍🚀😶👨‍🚀

    I have a lot of hope for the future thanks to the new administration – responsible and timely actions along with an organized science based approach to Covid. I will not feel safe to leave the house freely until I have gotten the vaccine. Right now it looks like it will be months before that will happen. I shudder to think what it would be like if Biden did not win. For example – the new administration cannot account for 20 million doses released by the last administration. But I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and that is another good thing!

    In the words of the late, great George Michael, you gotta have faith. 🤣😅😂 There is no doubt in my mind that Australia will whip this new strain’s hind end. Your response to Covid inspired the New York Times to write an article entitled “One Case, Total Lockdown: Australia’s Lessons for a Pandemic World”. Australia is almost like another world to us. We look at you with admiration for the way you have handled and continue to handle it all. It gives me hope that one day we can get there too.

    I got faith Sean. Grateful and glad you asked.

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    1. Linda has once again informed us that it is not just her birthday, it’s not even birthday week, but birthday month as well 🎂🥳

      With our lockdown this week, because of the swift action taken, we are coming out of it in a couple of hours. The QR code system we have in place has worked beyond expectations regarding tracking down 500 close contacts resulting from “patient zero.” It just goes to show how many people you interact with or can influence over a day or two. Over 30,000 other people in the contact areas have been tested, with negative results. Just to remain cautious, what they call the Perth, Peel and South West regions have closed boundaries for a further 14 days. We can move around freely within each region, but cannot leave it (unless you are an essential worker).

      That is a great outcome regarding the reduction in your carbon footprint. There is always a good case ice cream and going for a walk. I am glad to hear that the Coffee House is still chugging along and that the Gym is open. I hope your daughter is going well with her work. Woo hoo re the snow. It is something that I wished we did have here. Mind you, believe it or not, we have experienced snow further down south a few times.

      Wow 38 cases a day. In our state we have averaged not even 3 cases a day out of a population of 2.2M over 10 months. The source for most cases has been overseas travellers or vessels at sea. I can appreciate you developing a case of “Space Madness!”

      I think having faith or a positive outlook is the only way to go. Although the negative gives us such a hard time, the positive triumphs in the end. Yes, I think we all still miss George Michael. Years ago, my mum was on a holiday in Italy, where she met the editor of the NY Times and his wife. They struck up a good friendship during their tour and it was interesting what they had to say about the US and how it sees the world and Australia as a people. I read the article and it is spot on. The premier did say a month ago – make sure you have masks, and we did. I was involved in operational meetings at the start of the week re the lockdown. We worked it out and implemented what we needed to do. Biden has done the right thing, Rita – pull out all the stops and then keep trying to make it happen.

      Keep on keeping on, as we say over here and I hope you get an idea soon of when the vaccine will happen for you. Take care…

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