What A Beautiful World (IGY) – Donald Fagan

One of my favourite bands is Steely Dan. Founding member Donald Fagan had a hit with IGY or what is also known as What A Beautiful World (from the Nightfly Album, which is considered one of pop music’s sneakiest masterpieces). Some say it’s a satirical take on the future of the world proposed by scientists back in 1957/58. However, I stand with those who consider Donald gives us an aspirational view of the great things we can do in the years ahead. I consider What a Beautiful World is a great song and we can spin the positive that the world does become a better place as we rise to the challenge of science and technology helping with our environmental, social, political and economic future…

Side Bar

We did get to see Donald Fagan perform some time ago, in amongst the grape vines at Sandalford Wines. Donald playing those Steely Dan hits was awesome. Not only that, but Cheryl Crow and John Mellancamp also played that night along with Australia’s rock poet: Richard Clapton.

Closing Out This Week

As some of you may have read regarding my other posts this week, we have gone through a hard lockdown here, while at the same time facing a devastating bushfire and then to top it off – extensive flooding from a cyclone, which ironically, it’s rains have helped control the bushfire.

The overflowing Gascoyne River inundates properties on the edge of Carnarvon on Saturday. Photo courtesy of ABC News and supplied by Vince Catania

It Is A Beautiful World – And You Are A Key Part

To have a beautiful world, we need to be in it to win it. Everything we do for the positive, big or small, helps make the world a better place. We need to keep preparing the world for what is to come. Each improvement we make helps us deal with the eventuality.

As it turns out, I have a direct connection with all three events. With the hard lockdown, I participated in developing strategies for a local government regarding its way way forward this week. In terms of the bushfire, I know many of the people involved in bringing it to a standstill and some who were lucky to survive. In two weeks time I will be driving through the fire ground to visit a client. With the cyclone, I closed out the project re the flood mitigation (levee) wall that surrounds Carnarvon. It has proved its weight in gold as the river rose more than 7 metres above its normal level.

See you next week…

6 Comments on “What A Beautiful World (IGY) – Donald Fagan”

  1. What a line-up SurePaw!

    Musing on the past week makes me realise we live in a blessed part of The Lucky Country. And that shot of the Gascoyne flooding evoking the fertility of the Carnarvon region with its alluvial clay soils, you’ve captured another facet of our Beautiful World.

    Another masterpiece, my friend,
    Stephen 👌

    PS Re-positioned the LapSteel on the Verandah last night, warming up my talons for a dash at LOTU 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Ceri, thank you for your thoughtful comments. The first two events demanded dealing with the issues as quickly as possible. The last one was completed a little while ago, but it’s good to see it did its job effectively (the flood barrier around the town from the air looks impressive. On the ground though, you don’t really notice it).

      Liked by 1 person

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