Reclaim Your Space – An Experiment in Converting Posts to Useful Resources

Inspired by other creative bloggers out there, I have commenced the development of useful resources based on posts within the Strategic Teams Blog and from my book: Engage, Communicate and Act 😊

So, my first attempt is: Reclaim Your Space. This booklet is based on a short post, from a little while back regarding the importance of decluttering your work area. Whether you have a defined work space, an office (if you still use one), or access to shared office space, clutter is a key issue.

The version I have published for your perusal is a flip book. Although it is quite short, it gives you an idea of the potential regarding converting posts, Word documents and other formatted documents using ePublication software and apps.

You should be able to download the flip book as a PDF as well. There is no guarantee this resource will be a successful experience for you, but it has worked well for me so far and I am happy with the result.

The other great thing about such software and apps is being able to create snazzy looking videos. Which has got me thinking about what would be of most value to those who need such resources …

So, here is to the ongoing experimentation regarding the development of useful resources! Any thoughts or comments you have are most welcome 😊

Header photo credit: Photo byΒ Samuel BernerΒ onΒ Unsplash

17 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Space – An Experiment in Converting Posts to Useful Resources

  1. Good job you Sean. Good looking, great photos, great fonts (that is always the first thing I notice), great content and last but certainly not least perfect choice of color on the background of the PDF flipbook. This is a winner. Love it, and I will start cleaning up my space tomorrow. I have been inspired.

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  2. Yeah, I will start cleaning my space up, too, . . . “tomorrow.” 😁
    Actually my space is not too bad, as I cleaned up some bookshelves a while back, and that helped a lot. Still have some piles to sort through. Often, I find if I wait long enough, I can just throw a lot of the stuff away! So much for how valuable it was. 😏
    Love the booklet idea. Just wondering how to do this???
    Thanx for a GREAT blog!

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    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the blog and thank you for your feedback on the booklet.

      One of the great challenges is staying on top of the piles. My family love creating piles of stuff. I am a reformed hoarder so it causes me issues 😊

      With the booklet, I use a product called Designrr. It’s awesome, but can be a bit tricky at first. I know there are others that are similar, but not as comprehensive as this software. It lets you publish directly to Amazon and the like.

      Book Creator is another one I have used. It is an app that can be downloaded onto an iPad (and I think Android) or you can use it online on your computer. It’s free for the first 40 books you create, so you might want to take a look at this first and see what you think

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      1. Good idea! I was thinking about this while skiing today. It would be good for a Resources page, so the flip books get pinned for easy reference. Enjoy your project! Can I ask what application you used?

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  3. Love the simplicity of the tips. Perfectly doable. Although I wonder, what if you receive around 1000 emails a day? I know someone who does, hence, the question. I don’t think he has time to manage them 3 times a day…

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    1. Emails are a huge problem, Patty. I have a lot of sympathy for the person you know regarding their emails. I was like that too. So, we all need to find a way that works for us in managing them. Hopefully, I don’t sound too preachy with what I say next. My thoughts are as follows: The biggest problem is that most people treat email as a priority. They get distracted by them. For example, most people will deal with them as soon as they start work. That in itself is fatal. You do have to be ruthless in deciding what emails you will deal with. For instance, a long time ago I made it clear to my staff I do not want to be copied in on everything that goes on. This is about letting go and I know many people will struggle with this. However, it will change their life if they do,

      The bottom line is, the email in-box is just like a hardcopy in-tray (for those who can still remember such thing) and it should be treated that way. Two years ago I walked into an organisation and there was no less than 10,000 emails on my desktop – it took me a week, but I dealt with them all, hence my comment regarding trust in the organisation’s record management system – that’s where they need to be. I have done this many times.

      The simplest technique I learn’t was, first with paper, and then with electronic records – make a decision on what to do with it. With emails, don’t sit on them, don’t put them off to a folder for action another day. Have in place mechanisms that weed out what you do not need to deal with – in essence that is about 80 – 95% of all email traffic. People sitting next to you have a bad habit of sending you an email when they could just talk to for 30 seconds. Another mantra of mine with email is “if you haven’t had a response from me within three days – come and find me.” This works beautifully. Trust in those around you to advise you on what is happening. You do not have to read what they are reading. At the end of the day, emails are a transmittal device and yet they have become defacto memos for approval. There are much better tools in place now for sharing documents and the like.

      Sorry for the lack of paragraphing, my on-line version of WordPress seems to pull all my paragraphs into one.

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