Because, Sometimes The World Has Light

At the end of episode 22 from season one of New Amsterdam, Dr Iggy Frome says to a recovering patient:

“because, sometimes the world has light.”

The patient suffers from PTSD due to an explosion at a night club and as a result believes there is no good in the world. Sadly, we can find similar thoughts among many young people regarding the future, and a fair cross section of others who experience unhappiness. However, Dr Iggy says the world is a good place and there is much to look forward to. We just need to find it.

There is Much Light to Look for

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Like Dr Iggy, I believe there is much light in the world. However, we do need to look for it, to seek it out, and to find it (although, some of us may not have to look too far). Here are some sources of light to move towards and sources of darkness, or distractions, to move away from:

Good Things to Look For:

  • Friends, partners, family and colleagues who support us, who do not judge us, are constructive and spend time with us;
  • Factual news and information regarding people, organisations and groups, who make a difference;
  • People with a positive outlook, who have faith, use an open mind. There are amazing people the world over, in all walks of life;
  • How to be healthy: both physically and mentally. We live in a fast paced world, or so it seems. Taking time to stop and smell the roses and eating properly is a must and there is plenty of information out there to help us to get in the right frame of mind before we make that dreaded visit to the doctor or other health professional (Okay, I admit, that is just me);
  • Meaningful and fulfilling work, whether as a paid person or as a volunteer. People do need meaning in their life. Feeling useful is key to this;
  • Bloggers who enlighten the world. Their knowledge, experiences and support brighten our world each day.

Bad Things That Distract Us

  • Sensational news reporting. Much of what is reported feels and reads very much from a negative point of view, and is often repetitive;
  • What is happening to the environment. Yes, there are environmental disasters out there, but there is so much good environmental work being done;
  • Gossip by others. Gossip for the most part, in my experience, has no basis in truth, or if it does, is so distorted from the facts, it is harmful in the extreme. See my next point that follows;
  • Some forms of social media. Perhaps it is not the platform, but how it is used and managed that is the real problem;
  • Not resolving wars and conflicts. There are 255 countries in the world today including Taiwan and 60 dependencies. There are just over 40 conflicts happening worldwide at this time (i.e. 15% of countries). These wars and conflicts are terrible, we should help resolve them, albeit peacefully, instead of saying it has nothing to do with me.

Side Bar – Appreciation and Criticism of New Amsterdam

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New Amsterdam is a show we enjoy at home. However, it has its critics, including those who say it is unrealistic, and in essence, damaging. Brit Trogen, who works at the Bellevue (the hospital on which New Amsterdam is based and filmed at), in The Atlantic makes this point: New Amsterdam fails both Doctors and Viewers. Her article is well written and I must say, makes many pertinent points. In essence she questions the decisions made by Max and some of the approaches used.

For me though, New Amsterdam is aspirational. There are many leadership, management and board issues put forward. I realise hospitals are complex. However, I have walked into many places like Max has done and wrung the changes, quickly (think Jan Carlzon re The Moments of Truth and inverting or flattening the organisational pyramid). And, so I enjoy watching his daily tousle as he tries to implement new leadership and management strategies. Some work, and some do not. That’s life, afterall.

The lists in this post are far from complete, but remember that light will always triumph over darkness (Just read Lord of the Rings to see how it happens 😊).

The header photograph to this post is courtesy of: Luke Lung on Unsplash

21 Comments on “Because, Sometimes The World Has Light”

  1. By just natural intuition, light will always overcome darkness. One cannot “turn on” the dark. It is simply the absence of something “real,” i.e. light.
    In the same way, most evils are less than their positive counterparts: hate is not actually the opposite of love; apathy is. And that is simply the absence of love.
    Sadness is not the opposite of joy; despair is, which is joy’s absence.
    If we shine the light into the darkness, it cannot remain. If we love against others’ apathy, love will win. If we are joyful against despair, joy will win.
    Spread the LIGHT! 😊

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  2. Oh, my mother watches NA, too! She says she likes it because it has soul, but I found the snippets I saw quite heavy. Sometimes I worry that she watches these dramas every day and wonder how it affects her. We absorb what is constantly around us, no? Having said that, love your list of good things to look for. There will always be good things if we search for it. The quote you said reminds me of something Dumbledore said, but right now, I cannot remember it exactly!

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    • That is exactly the turn of phrase I was looking for. Your mother was right, NA does have soul (and an amazing heart at times).

      Yes, we do constantly absorb what is around us, which is why sometimes we need an intervention! I find with work, if a situation is becoming toxic, I will debrief with a good colleague or two. Or, I will do a reset myself. With dramas, I will drop a show very early on if I become unhappy with it. My drop rate is about 30%.

      I wouldn’t worry too much re NA affecting your mother. I don’t find it particularly heavy (although I am not sure if I am the right person to judge whether something is heavy or not anymore). It has some of the loveliest moments between the main characters and also their patients.

      Dumbledore was about the only character I liked re Harry Potter. I am not a fan of the HP stories, but I should be, as I usually enjoy that genre very much. I can’t put my finger on why, though.

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    • Dear Sean, Markus + Micah,

      New Amsterdam is one of the TV series that I follow, as I have found it quite satisfactory and sufficiently realistic in its storyline, portrayal and dramatization, even though they are not always perfect.

      Happy May to you, and may you have a lovely weekend!

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      • Thank you, SoundEagle. We need to start watching Season 3 of NA. My wife and I talk about the episodes a lot. Sometimes, it’s me reliving my glory days when I used to run organisations and I have a comment about Max’s managment style 😊

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  3. There’s still so much light for everyone 🙂

    “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
    -Professor Albus Dumbledore

    As for New Amsterdam, Max is one of the most radical characters (and the cutest). I hope someone (in real life) would also fight for socialised medicine like Max does. I know it may appear negatively (communist type?) but medical care should be for everyone 🙂

    By the way, Vincenzo is a hit in our home!

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    • Hello Janis, there is still so much light for everyone and Dumbledore’s quote is fabulous 😊

      Vincenzo is awesome! Even Linda likes it. The cliffhanger re Ep 12 has set the story up so well for what comes next. The leads are terrific, hands down. In fact, it is a great cast all round.

      You are so right, medical care should be for everyone. We do have that here. We pay a medicare levy (so a tax) and it ensures everyone has access to doctors and hospitals and a range of other health services. I had a procedure done last week and I was able to claim back 60% of the cost under our medicare system.

      However, our hospitals still cannot chop and change as quickly as we see Max go about things. Also, they do get swamped at times. However, you can still take out health insurance if you want more expensive care, be in a private hospital etc.

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      • I kind of know how amazing your insurance system is as I have a friend in Australia who’s still on student visa — her insurance covered her hefty medical bills when she gave birth to her baby with congenital anomalies, stayed in the hospital for 3 months.

        They’re covered under a private insurance company but I’d say it’s all about Australia’s laws because I was covered by the same company back when I underwent the same issue with Brooklyn (his case was also a congenital anomaly) and was totally NOT covered. Same company – different countries.

        Oh, you had a procedure? Hope you’re doing fine…

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      • I am glad your friend was able to have her medical bills covered over here.I guess too in terms of yourself, it was all worth it in the end when you look at how amazing Brooklyn is today!

        The level of coverage here is awesome. We forget at times how good it is to have public coverage and then being able to access private insurance to cover any costs in excess of the public cover, if we need to.

        Yes, I am doing quite okay, Janis. It has kept me quiet for a little while. Well over 20 stitches in all. They are starting to itch a bit, now. And I am very, very happy to see that you are recovered from COVID. I hope things are going well now for you and yours 😊

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      • I am doing great, back to the fun blogs in WP 😀 in fact, I tagged you in my latest blog 😀 in honor of the people who’s kept me sane over the course of COVID-19

        Yes, you’re right, we sometimes forget how privileged we are in terms of healthcare, I feel sorry for my people in the Philippines, ours is the worst.

        You are right about everything being worth it. We were misdiagnosed by the way. I was told I could win the case against the doctors who put me into 9 mos of misery and depression + possible termination… but we didn’t pursue and treated Brooklyn’s perfection a miracle from GOD and we were thankful enough as it is…

        I am glad that’s starting to itch… it means it’s healing 😀 I hope you continue to be well…

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  4. In the past year, I saw a lot of people questioning whether there was any hope for the future because so much had changed and there was so much to fear. Yet I also saw people sharing stories of helping each other and receiving unexpected help as well. Light and shadows go together, and we get to choose which we will focus on and strengthen with our attention. Thanks for the reminder to keep looking for that light!

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    • Light help keeps the fear at bay! One of the surest ways to keep the shadows away is to talk about things and to share experiences. Even this afternoon, my family decided to take 30 minutes out from everything we were doing and just have a chat and some fun as well.

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