Free Project Presentation Reporting Template

Another experiment in developing free useful resources for you
Figure 1 – Project Presentation Reporting Template

In a recent post on the KISS principle, I provided an example of a highly effective tool I use regarding reporting on projects in presentation format.

In my line of work I may have to report on up to 30 – 40 projects across a wide range of services and facilities at any given time. So I developed this project reporting template a while ago now to assist with such an eventuality in a very succinct way.

Some may say the template looks a bit dated. That being said, I have used it many times in many different configurations and styles. I know we are all aware of “death by power point.” However, if you want to make an impact across key projects very quickly without multiple slides for each one, then this is the way to do it. The theme you use is up to you, however it should reflect the style of the agency, group or situation.

It can be seen there are five key areas to the project reporting presentation template set out in Figure 1:

  1. The heading. Commonsense really, but I do see many presentations out there without this key feature.
  2. Key description box. Use this section to show: when the project is due, who is responsible for the project, how it links to the organisations strategic plan, the relevant KPIs, scope, comments and risks.
  3. A relevant photo of the project. A picture tells a thousand words!
  4. A resources quadrant. This is typically the overall costs that can be tracked using budget vs actuals financial data.
  5. Project timeline or Gantt Chart.
Try It: Here is the Downloadable Project Presentation Reporting Template Just For You!

So, here is a version of the template you can download in one of four formats, for your exploration and use:

Keynote Format (Mac)

The template was developed originally in Keynote, so a breeze for Mac users. Personally, I like using Keynote. I find it suits my creativity and intuitiveness.

Power Point Format (Microsoft Office)

This version is an alternative to Keynote, for those who use Power Point, or are more familiar with this product. I have used Power Point ever since it became available. It has vastly improved over many years. However, I still find it clunky at times.

Word (Microsoft Office)

I have provided a Word version as a point of interest. However, it has issues regarding the resourcing quadrant.

PDF Version

I have provided a PDF, just because it is always nice to see a presentation slide in a format that can be used in a document.

Although, it may go against the suggestion that presentations should be kept minimalistic (no more than six bullet points per slide. This slide allows you to present key data all on one page that you can talk to without needing many subsidiary slides to back up what you are presenting 😊 It also means that you won’t face a room like this one:

Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

As per usual, I welcome any comments or thoughts you have. How effective are you when it comes to reporting on a project or many projects?

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