Deja vu – In Lockdown Again

Just letting you know that where I am, my family and I are once again in a lockdown, this time for three days from midnight tonight. Our previous lockdown was three months ago. I had almost finished a couple of posts to make up for my tardiness of late, but they might need to wait for a bit longer.

Photo by CDC on

This is the Anzac Day long weekend for us. So, many are heading away for the weekend, but can only do so now up until midnight tonight. It’s back on with masks from 6pm and staying at home, with many now conducting a driveway Dawn Service on 25 April 2021 instead of attending major services.

We have 9 full hotels in Perth that are dedicated to Aussies and other visitors returning to Western Australia from overseas and other places. However, it seems the hotels are a source of an outbreak, yet again. This time there has been community transmission.

We have been lucky previously, while watching much of the world struggle to deal with the pandemic. We have been able to do what we need to do because of good controls in place. Which is why we haven’t had to concern ourselves too much with a vaccination program that is way behind where it should be.

Hopefully, contact tracing will deliver a good result at the end of the three day lockdown and is not extended. We have become quite adept at the sudden lockdown and coping with it. For now, my mum is isolated at her home and Linda’s mum who was due to fly back into Perth from our state’s north after visiting Linda’s sister, husband and our niece, may need to stay where she is for the time being.

See you on the other side 😊

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    • Thank you, Markus and Micah. It was a busy afternoon as we put things in place re the communities I support. I expect this to happen many more times yet, despite the vaccine. Anyway, things are moving forward despite these setbacks.

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  1. It’s better to be in lockdown than the explosion, we see in India now. This virus will make comebacks if we don’t follow the preventive measures. But hope the situation will improve there. Stay safe and blessed.

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  2. It is always good to remember those who have served our nations with sacrifices and integrity. Like someone said, those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. 😏
    As for lockdowns, the Florida governor thinks the whole shebang of lockdowns and masks were overblown. For myself, I am resistant to government overreach, but believe providing information and education to the public is vital so free people can make informed decisions as to the risk each is willing to take.
    My bride and I will probably wear masks from now on when out in public or gatherings, similar to what friends in Japan and Korea have done for years.
    Praying for you and your family, Sean. Blessings on you.
    (and btw, LOVE the pic that accompanies your emails! You all look so happy!)

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    • Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I remember when the “remembrance” of past sacrifices became almost non existent here, and then it changed dramatically.

      Despite Australian states taking pot shots at each other from time to time over COVID, the same approach regarding containment and elimination is carried out as one. Good information has always been available from day one so people can make self informed decisions.

      I think across the board, we have got the snap lockdown to a fine art in terms of minimising disruption. The model now is to lockdown for three days. During this time there is a massive effort regarding contact tracing and testing of exposed locations. The results come back so quickly, it allows our governments to make decisions re opening back up inside the 72 hours. However, we have only been able to do this due to how each state contained the virus initially and by ensuring it was easy for most people to sign in to a place by QR code or hard copy register.

      Also, within minutes now of an announcement restaurants, eateries, pubs and the like put their COVID pick up and delivery options in place. Last week, our airlines started gearing up again as the restrictions around internal travel were opened up more and the travel bubble with New Zealand came into effect. Employment rates are up too.

      I think this time though we may need to go beyond the three days. I am probably, wrong, but I am more than fine with that.

      Yes, the Koreans and Japanese have been very sensible and responsible re the wearing of masks. I do think the age of the pandemic is here to stay. Masks should be worn from here on out and reminders for social distancing and good hygiene practices maintained (as they do, and will, make the biggest difference). Even when I was at the dentist the other day it was: QR code, hand sanitiser, temperature check and socially distanced seating. I was extremely happy with that.

      That photo is of us in our official capacity and the MC (Famous Sharron who is the “face” of our state) on our way to the opening of an art exhibition. It was a great night ☺️

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  3. We are in a lockdown here in Ontario until May 20. And 30 years ago we drove round Australia in a campervan with our two kids aged 2 and 4. I remember Anzac Day. Two songs that made an impression on us in Australia were The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” by the Pogues. Another song about two boys who were friends as kids and later in the cavalry one saved the other by getting him up onto his horse. It may have been called “Two little boys”. Anyway stay safe and stay well.

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    • Thank you for sharing your Australian experience, Anne. Yes, the song is “Two Little Boys.” It’s an old song composed by two great American song writers about an actual incident that involved two Australians in the Boer War. t became a big hit for an Australian entertainer (the version you heard) who, as it happens, was actually taught by my grandfather at school. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda is a very powerful song. Many Australians have this etched into their memory bank.

      I hope things go well for you and yours in Ontario during your lockdown. It is always better to be safe than sorry. I liked your post re the daffodils yesterday, but for some reason I couldn’t leave a comment (but that’s WordPress sometimes). Take care and be safe too

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    • Thank you, Janis. Today is the last day. I can say that the lockdown has proved to be extremely effective. We have to wear masks now for the next 4 days. Venues can only accept a maximum of 20 people. We still cannot attend community sporting events and so on.

      It does mean though that Linda and her good friend can head to Esperance (700kms away) tomorrow to finalise catering arrangements for the movie being made there. I am supposed to be away at a client’s during the week as well, but I don’t know if I will do that yet.

      I hope you are managing to still stay well after your bout with COVID. I do think the pandemic will be with us for a while yet. But, we will come out the otherside – I am convinced of that.


      • Australia is very organized. I admire how your Government handles the pandemic. Here in Riyadh, we’re always required to wear masks but people do have a problem with social distancing. We don’t go anywhere except for work. There are some errands requiring us to go to malls and we were shocked at how they are crowding despite the pandemic! People have become overconfident because a lot of them have already been vaccinated. It’s very unfortunate because the spread continuous…

        Oh was that the movie we’ve talked about before? The one involving your daughter as well? 700kms? That’s far… will they be driving or via train?

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      • Thank you for saying we are very organised. There are those locally who like to criticise and say we are not (probably the same ones who don’t observe social distancing either). I think some of us understand that, although the vaccine will make a big difference, you will still need to use common sense re social distancing and good hygiene.

        Yes, it is the same movie. The director was at our place last Thursday, so it was nice to catch up. The sets are looking amazing. They are driving (we are quite used to that here).

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      • I am glad that things are starting to get back to normal. I only hope that there won’t be any more fatal strains because I heard that the Philippines caught something different from the Wuhan and UK strains and it seems deadlier… I hope it isn’t true.

        I bet it’s fun to do long drives over there since it is not too hot in April anymore…

        I am sure the film will be amazing!

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  4. We’re out of Lockdown for now and can eat outside bars and restaurants — if you can get a table or a seat 🙂

    Sorry to hear you’re returning to it Sean and if it’s not bad enough for us, our poor parents! Look after you and yours, wishing you safe and well. Caz 🙂

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  5. I’m sorry to hear you had to face another lockdown. We have so many reasons to hope, yet it seems like we’re reminded again and again that it’s not over yet. Hopefully things will improve soon. In the meantime, I hope you were able to spend Anzac Day in good company.

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    • Thank you, Cerid. We were faced with another lockdown three days ago due to a subsequent outbreak. However, because they had the contact tracing team in full swing and we have been wearing masks for the past eight days due to the the Anzac lockdown they have held off on enforcing another one for now. The Department of Health has been able to quickly trace and test enough people to give us a detailed breakdown, including times and places visited that includes a high enough level of confidence regarding the negative testing results received. The government did cancel a major footbal match though (45,000 people) just to make sure and nighclubs have had to close.

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