The Grotto’s Reflection – A Nod To George

So I thought that while I was on a roll, I would share my next musical creation, which is a nod to George…

My sister and brother in law flew in from Tasmania yesterday. We haven’t seen each other for quite sometime, so it is fabulous that we can get together during the time of COVID! Not only that, but Linda and two of our children return home today after spending the last seven weeks involved with a film shoot 700kms from home. In amongst waiting for my sister and BIL to drop by for a visit later today and Linda’s imminent arrival along with the two offspring, I thought I might finish my next recording. As I go to publish this post, my daughter has just arrived home first 😊

Anyway, as I continue my experiment on your listening ears, I am finally starting to familiarise myself more with what is now my desk top studio. This also means that I am improving my understanding of the technology required for my other music ventures later this year.

Photo byΒ IJ PortwineΒ onΒ Unsplash – George second from the left, next to Paul, Ringo at the back and John on the right

George is my favourite Beatle. His songs are some of the most beautiful ever composed. In particular, his song Something has been described as hauntingly beautiful and an ode to the coming of age ( In amongst it all, I count myself lucky enough to have seen both Paul and Ringo perform live. Paul’s tribute to George playing Something, brought a tear to the crowd’s eye and Ringo playing With A Little Help (George had played lead guitar on the original recording) brought the house down.

I remember feeling immensely sad when George passed. The world lost a reflective and calming voice in showing us all how to embrace those around us.

George restored the gardens at his home – Friar Park and in amongst the gardens, he also had a grotto. There are photos out there of both him and John in the grotto. Although grottoes are spiritual, religious and reflective places, they have cultural significance and with many larger artificial grottoes, they are in fact places of entertainment (Mary McMahon). Hence my very humble tribute to a wonderful human being.

Part of the gardens at Friar Park – the home of George –

So, how creativitive have you been today?

18 Comments on “The Grotto’s Reflection – A Nod To George”

  1. The music is very calming and peaceful!!!!!! I enjoyed it. πŸ™‚ Haha, how creative have I been today… I am in the resting period that I believe will inspire my creativity. Although, seeing the word ‘creativitive’ inspires me to make up new words, such as ‘dnoi’, a period of rest before creativity. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you for the positive feedback on the tune! Yes, we are very, very lucky that family reunions are possible in amongst the continual changing environment of short surgical lockdowns and slow vaccine roll out. What is clearly emerging re our tackling the Delta Variant is the importance of wearing a mask at all times, people isolating properly within family groups and others isolating and getting tested asap if experiencing symptoms. The states where most people have done these things are fine at the moment, those that have not are now under the pump.


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