Employee Engagement – 4 Key Steps

Keeping employees engaged is an ongoing challenge for any leader in an organisation. This presentation sets out the four key processes you can use and adapt to break through the engagement hoodoo 😊

I have converted the presentation I use regarding employee engagement into movie format.

The presentation has a pause function so that you can spend more time with a particular slide and also rewind and fast forward functions to help manage your viewing experience.

There is no sound track at this point, but like all good things – one step at a time 😎

Psst… I have also put this on YouTube: https://youtu.be/JDpTpqL4j2o A sign of things to come. Maybe a podcast one day too πŸ˜‰

How do you engage others at work?

20 Comments on “Employee Engagement – 4 Key Steps”

    • That is so true, Vanya. I was watching an advert the otherday for an online collaborative tool and one of the participants was making some really good suggestions. However, his colleagues appeared to be ignoring him. They were saying the same comments after he had made them, but without acknowledging his contribution. You could see he was starting to feel discouraged until they all realised he still had the mute button on 😊

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  1. Excellent presentation. Maybe add a non-proprietary SOFT music behind the YouTube video? Personally I prefer reading to watching a movie and don’t even get me started on podcasts!!
    But good stuff to read on your posters. Thanx. c.a.

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    • Thank you for wonderful feedback, CA. Yes, soft music behind the video is definately the way to go. I think I might compose some pieces with my daughter. Lol re the podcasts. I have some appreciation of what you mean – I haven’t listed to many podcasts. I prefer a more visual medium or an interactive listening environment.

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  2. Hey SurePaw,

    To engage or enrage? β€˜Tis the question.

    I was chatting with a colleague and clients over dinner this week about leadership in both private and government workplaces. Bemoaning the quality really.

    An insight I offered was β€œWhat leadership do you bring to the table by the way in which you work?”

    So, are you sufficiently engaged to: challenge assumptions especially Group Think, propose a win-win initiative, mentor junior colleagues who are receptive in their formative period?

    So many ways to engage internally and externally, just have a wee think about the benefits of weaning off β€œbanging your head against the brick wall” πŸ˜‰

    Heck, try some elements of Sean’s tetrahedron – a darn mighty recipe for success!

    Keep up the inspiration, Big Fella,
    Lois 🐯

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    • Thank you for your inspirational and engaging feedback, Stevo. You raise not only a fantastic insight but also a fabulous question: “So, are you sufficiently engaged to: challenge assumptions especially Group Think, propose a win-win initiative, mentor junior colleagues who are receptive in their formative period?” It always begins and ends with ourselves. We cannot handpass our personal responsibilities to engage and inspire 😊


    • Thank you for your feedback, Haoyan. When I developed this approach over a long period of time, those points you make were always at the heart of what I was trying to do. And it works 😊


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