Draw Blood From a Stone – Metropolis

One of my favourite songs from my favourite movie…
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Image Courtesy of Maria X 2000 – Creative Commons – Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes there is a song or a piece of music that sums up a certain feeling, a reflection or mood. One of my favourite songs is Draw Blood From A Stone. It was composed by the fabulous Giorgio Moroder and performed by Cycle V as part of the composer’s 1984 sound track to the version of Metropolis restored by him at the time. Metropolis also just happens to be my favourite movie of all time 😎

My great friend Big Dave and I went to see Giorgio Moroder’s version of Metropolis when it was first released. We watched Metropolis in an old restored Art Deco cinema so the ambience added to the wonderful experience of Fritz Lang’s 1927 film classic with a modern sound track (In case you were wondering, Giorgio was the founder of disco and is an electronic musical genius).

When the Shift Change scene came on with Draw Blood From A Stone playing, I remember how I was immediately drawn in and captivated. There was no need for an exchange of words in this silent cinematic classic. The music and the lyrics said it all. It was also the song that got me thinking once more about what a leader should do when faced with what the world should be, what a corporation should be, what family and friends really mean.

to make someone give or tell you something, when it is extremely difficult because of the character or mood of the person or organization you are dealing with: 

Persuading Chris to buy a round of drinks is like getting blood from a stone.

Cambridge dictionary

The song itself encapsulates that feeling we all have from time to time regarding the futility of our lives. We have given as much as we can give and yet someone wants to take more, that very last drop of blood. The film footage shows a dystopian future between the have and have nots. The movie as a whole addresses the question of “be careful what you wish for.”

So next time you feel that every ounce of your being has been squeezed from you, give yourself a break. Perhaps do one of the following:

  • Reach out to a friend, mentor or colleague. Their alternative perspective will help break the cycle of dread you are in. I had someone ring me today, who in the end apologised for venting regarding their feeling of being caught betweem a rock and a hard place. I didn’t really need to offer many insights as such, but I helped release the pressure valve ;
  • Listen to your favourite song over a cup of tea or coffee or even a hot chocolate. Get up and dance if you want to. Alternatively, embrace that musical instrument you have ignored of late;
  • Go for a walk (or a run if you are so inclined) , and embrace the scenery around you. Meditation or yoga might be more your thing. Talk to the man upstairs;
  • Watch a favourite film or TV show (or read a book). In my case it will be a kdrama. My current favourite show: One the Woman;
  • Talk things over with a loved one. Remember not to leave them out of the loop regarding what you are going through. They understand us much more than we think.

Enjoy the video of the song 😊

Blood From A Stone (Giorgio Moroder – Cycle V) courtesy of RADIO MIPEBAR

Roger Ebert gives a wonderful review of Metropolis here

My next post will be regarding Group Think, so watch this space…

Enjoy the weekend ahead. It is a long weekend where I am, so its band practice on Sunday and as Bryan Ferry would say “with rhyming guitars.” Remember: be awesome 😊😉😎

7 Comments on “Draw Blood From a Stone – Metropolis”

  1. Great advice. Running has been therapeutic for me over the years, both alone and on Saturdays when I would run long training routes with someone else and we would talk out many issues. Over the years I went through four running partners but just this summer could no longer keep up with my latest one, a sister-in-law who is 25 years younger than me. I am thrilled to be healthy at my age but the downside is losing my contemporaries to hip and knee replacements!

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    • Thank you for your support, Geoff and for dropping by. I am glad that you are so healthy. I used to run once upon a time and then I walked for many years and then it all fell away. My plan is to get walking again, soonish!

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  2. Excellent tips as usual, Sean. I particularly agree with the last one – family and loved ones do understand us more than we think, or at least they try to. Things become easier when they are aware. One less pressure to deal with, potentially. And I will pass this kdrama suggestion to my mother!

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  3. What a nice phrase. I’ve never heard of it, but I googled and it is such an interesting one. Often it is impossible to force people to reveal something they don’t want to reveal. I agree. The thing is once revealed, it is impossible to take it back. This reversibility is probably the reason why so many people stop short of doing it.

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  4. That is such a beautiful and profound song! I love Metropolis too. I don’t think I saw the version with “Draw Blood From a Stone” in it. The soundtrack I remember was wordless and marked by an incessant pounding for the Workers’ City. It communicated the dreary nature of that life, but those lyrics from Giorgio Moroder are just amazing. And this song contains a hopeful note whereas the other was just resigned. Thanks for sharing!

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