I Will Be On A Hiatus For A While 😊

A shot of our amazing Kings Park – Lycopod Island. This is part of a children’s playground which has a multilevel treehouse on the middle of the island

I am not sure how long I will be away from the blog, but I thought I would make a post now to let you know that my focus has been elsewhere for a little while and it will continue to be for some time yet. Of course, I will keep reading the wonderful blogs by my amazing blogging friends I follow and I should be able to keep sharing my comments with you from time to time.

I am conscious of the fact I do have some comments on the blog that I still need to respond to, and I will soon(ish)!

In the meantime, I am thinking of you all and I may be able to post something every now and then.

Here are some quick snaps of my journey last week to Merredin and of where “Spring has Sprung”…

A pair of very wet Kookaburras at my Mum’s unit. They are part of a family of seven!
A snap of my news socks from my sister courtesy of The Sydney Sock Project. In case you were wondering about the image, they are wombats
My motel room during my stay at the Merredin Motel and Gum Tree Restaurant last week. My “room” had another room and separate kitchen and ensuite.
The Big Breakfast – I Couldn’t Eat It All 😎
My “office” during my visit to the Shire of Merredin. There’s a door to the right that leads into the CEO’s office.

A snap of downtown Kellerberrin on my way through to Merredin
A shot at Kings Park – of the May Drive Parkland – a park through time. The view is rom the Lycopod Island playground looking back towards Zamia Cafe. Kings Park is one of the World’s largest parks and home to 3,000 species of our State’s unique native flora
Mum and Dad are very proud of their young family
The Floral Clock at Kings Park
Our Iconic Kangaroo Paws (my photo doesn’t do them justice)
The view from the top of Mt Eliza (Kings Park) over South Perth

So, take care, be safe and see you again soon…

12 Comments on “I Will Be On A Hiatus For A While 😊”

  1. Wonderful pictures and your fans will be here waiting for your return. Perth is really beautiful and your dinner looks great. Wish you a happy life of adventure, work, friendship and kinship.

    Liked by 1 person

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