We have green sea turtles for Sean! — Markus + Micah

After being away for the last week and a bit on the road (catching up with clients), I thought I would share with you today a post by Markus and Micah who are involved with turtle advocay regarding the pag-asa pawikan protection and conservation center – a wonderful conservation initiative for one of the planet’s most amazing creatures. Markus and Micah are not just community advocates, but community leaders in my book. As part of this project, I have contributed in a very small way, but the outcome has been truly amazing! Read on and then link through to their post…

Some exciting news: Sean’s nest adopted for his grandson Leo surprised us by revealing themselves as the endangered green sea turtles. This is the first time we saw these babies at the hatchery. Aren’t they the cutest thing ever? We got the news and photos this morning and I could not wait to share it […]

We have green sea turtles for Sean! — Markus + Micah

13 Comments on “We have green sea turtles for Sean! — Markus + Micah”

  1. This IS our Father’s world that He entrusted to Adam and Eve to care for. By extension, it is our responsibility to care for it, realizing He has only lent it to us as tenants. We must take care of HIS earth, realizing He will replace it someday, but that is a decision up the Owner, not the tenants.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts, CA. Whether we are tenants as Christians or guardians (which is what our Australian Aboriginal people believe), there is no doubt we should be doing better than we are!

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      • Yes, I agree, “guardians” is a more accurate descriptive term. 🙂 Kind of like a good tenant who will not just “use,” but protect his master’s property. Good point!

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  2. They are the most adorable creatures. It is said the most dangerous period of a turtle’s life is the beginning when they come out of their egg shell and try to make it in the world as a hatchling. So it is such a wonderful thing to be able to help them in their most difficult time.

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