Living in a Liberal Democracy- Voting for the Next Leaders in Australia

Today is the day in Australia that we decide who will form government at the federal (national) level for the next three years.

Elections in Australia are compulsory. Personally, I think this is a good thing. Early voting has been at an all time high – 50% have already voted prior to today.

So, my family and I voted first thing this morning at a local primary school. We turned up with our masks on, followed COVID protocols and cast our vote ie Linda, our two sons and myself. We formed our own little voting block – which the election staff were amused by. My daughter had already voted during the week as she is away at the moment.

I learnt a long time ago – we are all a lot smarter than our political overlords think we are – but, they know emotion can still rule the day.

This election has had the worst campaign I can ever recall. So, not that interesting and old fashioned mocking of the leaders. But, here’s the thing: there are 24 close seats out of 151 and that makes watching the counting of the votes tonight interesting.

We happen to be in one of the most marginal of those marginal 24 seats and so, I know that my vote has counted. No blue ribbon or red ribbon advantage here.

I understand politics very well. Afterall, I’m still in that world, even though I have tried to walk away from it many times.

From my point of view, I know many of the politicians fighting for their political future. I have had the privilege to work alongside them and also lobby them for key resources for many different communities.

As my former politics tutor, Paddy O’Brien said many years ago – we are so lucky to live in a liberal democracy, not just a democracy, but a liberal one. Voting is compulsory, but we get the whole gamut of candidates to choose from – and I think that’s a wonderful thing 😊

9 Comments on “Living in a Liberal Democracy- Voting for the Next Leaders in Australia”

  1. 💜 The Balance of Power just needs a 3% Swing according to The Greens EveryOne; so let’s SEE (Soulful 👀 Emotional Energy) what happens EveryBody


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  2. Love this post Sean. I just voted Tuesday in my state’s primaries. While I was quite proud to do so, I could not help but be concerned about the precarious state of our elections over here (cue up the photo of the man in the red shirt above). I believe that voting should be compulsory and that everyone should be automatically registered to vote at 18 (which is not where we are at over here).. Our votes are precious and we can never afford to lose this basic human right,

    On a fun note – I did take a quick peek at your elections and the candidates.. I watched a video where folks on the street were asked which candidate they trusted…I will now add the term “Boofhead” to my vocabulary. 😅🤣😂😆

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    • Thank you for your well wishes. It was an interesting result. The government lost power, with its losses effectively going to the the “greens” and the independent “teals.” So, a minority government is very much on the cards. In other words, the defining change was the environment and climate change getting a real voice for the first time, along with women’s issues.

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