George Jetson Was Born Today – The Future is Here ๐Ÿ˜‚

How could I not resist posting this announcement!

I loved The Jetsons as a child. Somehow, it rubbed off on my children too

Our eldest son said a few minutes ago: โ€œGeorge Jetson was born today.โ€

First airing in 1962 (just so you know, yes, this was before I was born), and lasting just one season, The Jetsons presented a fun packed view of the future. George and his family show us the difficulties and marvels we are yet to face such as George being constantly bored at work because of technology.

If you have ever watched The Jetsons, there is not one prediction that has not come to pass, except we are, perhaps a little behind regarding the use of robots, individual travel pods and space platforms, but they are certainly happening!

Interestingly enough, new episodes were produced in the mid 1980s for three years. Georgeโ€™s boss, Mr Spacely was someone I knew I didnโ€™t want to be like and Rosie the robot maid was a true marvel.

Den of Geek tells us more about the life of George and his familyโ€™s experience of future marvels here

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