Three Simple Rules For Preventing Burnout

During the last five months, I have made sure to follow my own advice!

Watching Homemade Love Story in the lounge room of the CEO’s house after working through a range of songs this afternoon

Keep your weekends work free

It doesn’t have to be the weekend per sae, as we all have different work patterns including when we get time off.

So, when you do have that break, reconnect with your downtime through closing the door, both mentally and figuratively on work.

It can take a little bit of getting used to, but when you do it will become second nature.

Ignore those emails

I know many of you will say this is impossible. However, when reconnecting with your weekends, it’s essential!

It’s exactly what I have done. The shire runs perfectly fine without me being there and plugging away at an email every five minutes – trust me on this 😊

Relish the simple things

What do I mean? Quite simple really – and I’m not telling you anything new here.

So, read that book, watch your favourite show, play some music, go out to lunch, visit a winery, talk to the neighbours, do some housework (😂), hang out with a loved one, friends or family, go to the beach, go to a party, visit a church or other gathering, take a walk in the park…

When you combine these three elements, an amazing thing happens – a relative calm, peacefulness, almost contentment

What more can I say 😉

22 Comments on “Three Simple Rules For Preventing Burnout”

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  2. A cool book to read that would support your ideas here is Dr. Matthew Sleeth’s “24/6” about rediscovering the Sabbath. He and his wife call it “Stop Day.”
    I used to wonder about why a week was seven days all over the globe until I realized the Creator set this in His clock. 😉

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    • Thanks for the lead re “Stop Day,” CA. Dr Matthew looks like a very interesting person. I had a look at the synopsis re 24/6 – disconnecting from devices is a must in my view. I will follow-up further. Much appreciated ☺️

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