Platypus, Echidnas and Cataract Gorge. An Update On Our Travels This Week

On Wednesday we went to Beauty Point to the Platypus House. It was our intent to look for platypus in the local rivers, however, it’s still a bit tricky negotiating some spots after the October 2022 floods…

But first, Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge, Launceston – originally a spot full of alluvial gold. The water level re the recent floods was almost up to the ski lift height – about the height of the building in the middle of the picture in amongst the pine trees
The entrance to Cataract Gorge – you can take a ski lift across it and view it from the air
Walking down the entry slope
Walking along the southern side
A shot moving onto the suspension bridge
Looking west of the suspension bridge
A view to the north
The Faux Bois Shelter – an amazing piece of craftsmanship
The story of the Faux Bois Shelter
Heading back east to the entrance. Imagine standing here under raging flood waters…

Platypus House…

At Beauty Point, heading into Platypus House
Diane the Platypus. Her partner, Jupiter is in the large open air tank on the other side of this enclosure. Males tend to have a harem of up to 20 females in the wild 😝
Big Thomas, the Echidna. Australian anteaters live up to 30-40 years in the wild and up to 50 years in captivity. They eat 20% of their body weight each day. When we lived in Wyalkatchem many years ago, we had an echidna that would turn up and rummage through our front yard and then go to sleep every morning.
Big Thomas is a real character. He is happily lapping up his bug slurry

6 Comments on “Platypus, Echidnas and Cataract Gorge. An Update On Our Travels This Week”

  1. What a beautiful and fun place to visit! I have never seen a platypus, but they are fascinating animals. How great would it be to get to see one wild? The echidna is adorable, and I can’t imagine seeing one in my yard. It looks like whoever is in charge of the park area around Cataract Gorge has done a fabulous job of cleaning up the flood mess. Thank you for sharing your travels Sean.

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    • Mike and Kellye, the platypus are must see. Hopefully, next time we go, we will get to see one in the wild. My photos don’t do Cataract Gorge justice. The flood cleanup across the board has been amazing and in such a short period of time.

      Liked by 1 person

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