Making Sense Of 2023 – Keeping It Simple

So, the first month for 2023 is all but finished. Now you need to plan for what comes next (or do you?)…

Whether it’s 2023 or some other time period going forward, there are three things to do to keep your hectic working life (or life in general) simple:

  • Implement how you will get the work you need to do underway in 2023. If you haven’t done this as yet, it’s not to late. See my post on how to do this here;
  • Focus next on your commitment to your family, friends and other pursuits, hobbies and interests you like to do. In otherwords, get a better handle on interacting with those closest to you and those things you enjoy. Markus and Micah seem to do this well. Visit their blog here;
  • Give yourself room to breath. It really is a myth you have to work around the clock, non-stop to achieve key outcomes, but we all do it. As fellow blogger Vanya pointed out in her recent blog this is what you really need to do each day. Click here

Australia Day 2023

So, last Thursday was Australia’s national holiday. Many events happen on such a holiday: the recognition of the Australian of the Year, the holding of citizenship ceremonies and the recognition of the citizen of the year in every local government around the nation, awarding of national honours, communities celebrating far and wide.

For those who don’t know, I had the responsibility for the Australia Day event this year in the Shire of Victoria Plains. Anyway, here is a video of yours truly opening the grand water slide at the Bolgart Sports Club…

30 Comments on “Making Sense Of 2023 – Keeping It Simple”

  1. Great tips, Sean. I woke up this morning with a goal of being fit and eating better, so your post gave me a boost in that direction. I also enjoyed reading Vanya’s blog as well as Markus & Micah’s. Your video made me smile. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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    • Thank you, Rita. Linda earlier that morning said “you are not going down that slide.” Of course, I said I had to 😁 Anyway, she wasn’t concerned for too long. I survived it twice 😂😂😂


  2. 💜 I didn’t “plan” The 3DLife I Consciously “Planned” NOW!!! EveryOne; yet I AM Thoroughly Enjoying The 3DLife I Have NOW!!! EveryBody


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  3. Wow, that’s one’s own amusement park. Love it and it doesn’t take as much water as the real amusement park. Well, it is freezing outside right now. So cold that my mind can be frozen solid. And I hope that the calendar can be frozen since time passes so quickly. We are already one month over in 2023. Can’t believe it. I hate getting old…

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