One Truth To Remember Regarding AI

AI is not the be all and end all. Yes, the world is changing because of it. The nature of work is changing too. Even what we do at home is changing. How we interact has changed…

I have read of late, many very good posts and short stories regarding AI. And, they all provide a wealth of food for thought.

On the back of the emerging era of enhanced AI, there is a great debate happening right now regarding AI and ethics. Using AI to cut corners will have implications. In fact, it has already. Just look at the issues around certain social media platforms.

So, what do I think regarding the impact of AI? Well, I have loved science fiction for as long as I can remember. Robots and out of control AI has been a part of that journey regarding those wonderful stories of the future and its possibilities. However, will AI replace us and put us out of work? Will AI morph in a self replicating evil? The short answer is, no.

When we see reports of job losses due to the rapid changing nature of work, we need to look deeper, to delve underneath and see for ourselves the real drivers. You might be surprised with what you find.

Will the nature of work continue to change? Yes, it will. As will the upskilling that goes with it. Will the numbers reduce in particular industries, even though there is enhanced machinery and systems such as we are finding in agriculture? No, they won’t. If anything, the opposite would appear to be happening. Robots, AI and the like have given us enhanced capabilities. The way to the Moon and Mars are indicative of what comes next with such advances.

Peter Drucker said this well before the turn of the century and that is, the challenge for the manager in the new millennium is being brave enough to turn their computer off. Those that do, will reap the benefits. Their leadership prowess will be enhanced.

Will I be using AI to help me prepare and write reports, papers and presentations? Only in terms of how something might look or maybe sound. The text, the words are still going to be all mine. And that’s the way I like it!

Enjoy a bit of Ben Lee – “That’s the way I like it…”

17 Comments on “One Truth To Remember Regarding AI”

  1. I’m totally in favor of AI. It helps me to do my job more quickly and efficiently. It is not yet at the level when it can outsmart humans, so I get frustrated with its programming limitations. (My view of AI is biased since where I work, we are developing a product that uses AI.)

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  3. Yes, AI can be quite exhilarating and frightening. Recently a friend of mine was going through a routine surgery and he said nowadays most of the surgery is performed by AI and the surgeons is mostly there to monitor the machine, like a pilot overseeing a passenger plane being put on autopilot. Well… I don’t know. It is possible that one day everybody is jobless while the boss just hires one engineer to monitor all the robots. It is frightening to think of that.

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    • I think AI and surgery is interesting. The surgeons still have to keep their skills intact, just in case, but there’s no doubt it is more and more handy when it comes to those tricky precision manoeuvres required. If we end up like in Star Trek where no one needs money, I would be up for that 😂

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      • Yes, I would be curious to see how the world resolve the issue of unemployment when robots replace humans in most of the jobs. I guess in the fight between capital and labor, capital seems to be winning right now. What will happen next can be very interesting.

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