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Inspired by other creative bloggers out there, we have commenced the development of useful resources based on posts within the Strategic Teams Blog and from my book: Engage, Communicate and Act 😊

Reclaim Your Space is a booklet based on a short post, from a little while back regarding the importance of decluttering your work area. Whether you have a defined work space, an office (if you still use one), or access to shared office space, clutter is a key issue.

The version I have published for your perusal is a flip book. Although it is quite short, it gives you an idea of the potential regarding converting posts, Word documents and other formatted documents using ePublication software and apps.

Slideshare Resources

Strategic Teams has a number of free downloads that you can find on Slideshare including:

Engage, Communicate and Act – Staff Engagement

Staff engagement matters. Kevin Ames identified that for employees, the sense of being valued is key to the success of an organisation (or team, group, branch, department for that matter). In particular, he points out the three key characteristics or benefits of an engaged employee are:

Loyalty (Which is better than retention!). Loyal people are proactive and innovative. They have a belief in the organisation and share in its vision and values.

Productivity by an engaged employee includes being both effective (full day’s effort and quality results) and efficient (they learn to do the job in less time and expand not only their capacity but the company’s as well).

Advocacy where engaged employees internally are the “diamonds” of the organisation (supportive of their associates), and externally will bring other quality people to the organisation when promoting products and services.

Dilys Robinson also mentions that research by the Institute for Employment Studies shows that for employees it is not just about being valued, but being involved as well.

This presentation on the Engagement Diamond shows you how it is possible to not only find your diamond employees, but promote diamond behaviour as well.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Time

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Still struggling with how you use your time? This presentation demystifies what impacts on your time and how you can win some of it back.

4 Proven Steps You Can Use to Develop Your Team

Bruce Tuckman proved a long time ago that teams go through a natural cycle of development and rebirth. This Strategic Teams presentation shows clearly, in concise steps how as a team leader you can put this knowledge to good use regarding any team that you lead.

Effective Brainstorming

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What is brainstorming, let alone what does it mean to be effective using it. This presentation shows you how to brainstorm in the most simple of ways.

Find Out More

To find out more on how we can help you regarding staff engagement, developing better teams or improving your work practices overall, get in touch with us here:

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