Eating the Elephant – How to Tackle Tasks of Any Size, Simply

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! The maxim of eating an elephant is well known. There is only one way to tackle a Herculean task (or perhaps even more disconcertingly because of its size or difficulty that as a result induces procrastination): start! Regardless of the type of person you […]

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The 6 Steps of Effective Brainstorming

   Your Role Is To Get To The Bottom of Things When trying to get to the bottom of an issue with a client, persistence pays off. This is critical when trying to help your client achieve a key outcome through the development of effective strategies using brainstorming techniques. In the first instance, your job […]

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Following Up On The Customer Service Triangle

Sean Fletcher In my last post (20 March, 2015), I commented on the magic of Karl Albrecht and his Customer Service Triangle. In today’s Blog, I am going to discuss how to use the Service Triangle at a “lower level”. The great thing about the Service Triangle is that it can be used at any level within […]

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