Making Sense of Organisational Change – Part 1

In the workplace, we are all on the road to somewhere. Using a roadmap regarding organisational change can make that journey much easier… In 1947, Kurt Lewin explored how change could be effected in the workplace. He came up with a static model, which in its most simplistic form made perfect sense: In the late […]

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Because, Sometimes The World Has Light

At the end of episode 22 from season one of New Amsterdam, Dr Iggy Frome says to a recovering patient: “because, sometimes the world has light.” The patient suffers from PTSD due to an explosion at a night club and as a result believes there is no good in the world. Sadly, we can find […]

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Are You A Dinosaur?


Five Questions to Ask Yourself Age Is No Barrier To Being A Dinosaur There is one thing in the workplace that has always got me hot under the collar. It’s when an employee says: “that’s how we have always done it around here.” I know from experience, each time I hear such a statement, the […]

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