The Kindness Revolution – Hugh MacKay

Or how crises and catastrophes are the making of us in challenging times and the importance of why we (both you and me) need to show leadership in our communities from the ground up… As I was sitting in the reception room of our dentist last weekend, an interview with Hugh MacKay was unfolding on […]

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In the “Eye of the Storm”

The Collins Dictionary says that: “If you say that someone or something is at the eye of the storm, you mean they are the main subject of a public disagreement.” The McMillan Thesaurus comments that the eye of the storm is to be: “in the middle of a difficult situation” Synonyms: pressed, oppressed, deadlocked, stuck, beleaguered, embroiled, worse off, out of your depth, in […]

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Sandstone – My Next Acting CEO Role

From tomorrow I formally take up the reigns as the CEO at the Shire of Sandstone. Although this is in a temporary capacity, it’s another opportunity to revisit what I used to do as a full time career – CEO of a local government. Sandstone is in the Murchison Region of Western Australia, 700kms north […]

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