The Kindness Revolution – Hugh MacKay

Or how crises and catastrophes are the making of us in challenging times and the importance of why we (both you and me) need to show leadership in our communities from the ground up… As I was sitting in the reception room of our dentist last weekend, an interview with Hugh MacKay was unfolding on […]

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Rameses II – A Leader Among Leaders

This is the first post in an ongoing series that will look at key leaders throughout Time and their enduring legacy, including key attributes applicable to leaders today I am a great believer that leaders are made, not born. That being said, there is much in the way of literature out there regarding how leaders […]

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Deja vu – In Lockdown Again

Just letting you know that where I am, my family and I are once again in a lockdown, this time for three days from midnight tonight. Our previous lockdown was three months ago. I had almost finished a couple of posts to make up for my tardiness of late, but they might need to wait […]

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