Seeking Clarity Within the Fog! The Art of Negotiation Using 5 Key Concepts.

I mention regularly how foggy it is at the top of an organisation. This is no different when seeking an outcome during a negotiation. When faced with any negotiation, even the most simple, we can be shrouded in fog. We find ourselves uncertain as to how we make our way through the murkiness. You would […]

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Leaders as Mentors – Three Golden Rules

Having a mentor in your life, whether it is for work or to help you grapple with your private life, is of immense value! A leader as a mentor brings something additional to the table. Who Are My Mentors? I have been fortunate to have had two mentors in my life: Doug and Mark. Both […]

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Leaving The Door Ajar

Or why we shouldn’t paint a person into a corner Five suggestions on how to manage those who are determined to make your life a misery… The subject of today’s post has come about in response to a fellow blogger, who recently had a very unpleasant, and hurtful experience. When dealing with a critic or […]

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