Four Steps To Help You Successfully Start 2023

Now that there is a gap between Christmas and New Year, I thought I would share with you my plan for achieving a successful start to 2023 😊 Loose Ends (allow 1 – 2 weeks) Close out 2022 – be realistic re: 1. What you can close out 2. What you must carry forward 3. […]

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How A Leader Can Become a Better Listener

If a leader you know isn’t listening, it’s time for you to grab their attention! A leader can be one person, or it can be a group of people seeking to achieve a particular purpose. Even in the most equitable of societies, organisations or groups, there are leaders. We often hear the term leadership group, […]

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Working With Others – Finding The Right Lens

Five suggestions to consider Perhaps, the hardest thing to do is change your thoughts or beliefs regarding a certain situation, event, philosphy, person (family, friends, acquaintances, enemies and frenemies) or work. “We tend to put people and their circumstances in boxes 📦” Or, it’s how our brain copes with the myriad of things that go […]

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The Butterfly Effect In The Workplace – 5 Small Changes That Will Make A Difference

What is the Butterly Effect? The Butterfly Effect the foundation of Chaos Theory, along with Chaos Management (Tom Peters) and the future, are things I am keenly interested in. However, I have never been a great fan of the former regarding its use in films and movies. However, I was watching the Kdrama Alice the […]

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Are You A Dinosaur?


Five Questions to Ask Yourself Age Is No Barrier To Being A Dinosaur There is one thing in the workplace that has always got me hot under the collar. It’s when an employee says: “that’s how we have always done it around here.” I know from experience, each time I hear such a statement, the […]

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