How to deal with Ephemeral Behaviour

To be ephemeral, is to last a short time. In the time of myth, ephemera might be a fairy, born at dawn but expiring with the setting sun… Ephemeral in today’s context is an object or an event that is fleeting, typically lasting for one day at the most. As a behaviour it can be […]

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Problems, Solutions and Options – A Veritable Tale

A key leadership and management tool I learnt early on was the wisdom of problems… The first time I became an acting manager, on the very first day I sat down and asked myself: “where do I start?” It occurred to me quite naturally, perhaps I needed to write a list of everything I was […]

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Making the Tough Decisions – Five Rules

Leaders make them everyday Making a tough decision requires clarity of thought. All too often we are rushed into making a decision because it suits someone else’s narrative (how they want things done). Ugh – I can hear you sighing right now 😉 The key to making a good decision during a tough situation is […]

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