How A Leader Can Become a Better Listener

If a leader you know isn’t listening, it’s time for you to grab their attention! A leader can be one person, or it can be a group of people seeking to achieve a particular purpose. Even in the most equitable of societies, organisations or groups, there are leaders. We often hear the term leadership group, […]

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Understanding Leadership Dynamics – Part 1

How lack of clarity by those who lead you affects the good work you do! Have you ever wondered why the good work you do gets lost within your organisation, or never sees the light of day, or is just plainly misunderstood? Those who have worked with me know there is one message I preach […]

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Keeping Up With The Latest Leadership Trends – Three Questions Aspiring Leaders Need To Ask Themselves

In today’s world of the post information super highway, how does an aspiring leader, or an established leader for that matter, keep up with the latest leadership trends without getting lost in all the information that is available at their fingertips? Information Super Highway – an electronic network that moves information around really fast e.g. […]

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Leaders as Mentors – Three Golden Rules

Having a mentor in your life, whether it is for work or to help you grapple with your private life, is of immense value! A leader as a mentor brings something additional to the table. Who Are My Mentors? I have been fortunate to have had two mentors in my life: Doug and Mark. Both […]

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Four Key Steps Towards Better Staff Engagement

Or how to encourage staff not to leave their brain at the workplace front door 🧠 Today, I thought I would share with you an excerpt from my presentation on the most effective way to engage (or involve) your employees, team mates or coworkers willingly in helping you and them achieve outcomes. In short – […]

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Are You A Dinosaur?


Five Questions to Ask Yourself Age Is No Barrier To Being A Dinosaur There is one thing in the workplace that has always got me hot under the collar. It’s when an employee says: “that’s how we have always done it around here.” I know from experience, each time I hear such a statement, the […]

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