How A Leader Can Become a Better Listener

If a leader you know isn’t listening, it’s time for you to grab their attention! A leader can be one person, or it can be a group of people seeking to achieve a particular purpose. Even in the most equitable of societies, organisations or groups, there are leaders. We often hear the term leadership group, […]

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Understanding The Myth Of The Neat Office!

Should you have a neat and tidy office? Should it be organised? Should you use a fake backdrop during video conferencing? When I started work, you had to be quiet, sit at your desk and weren’t allowed to talk. If you had an office, it had to be sterile, almost minimalist. The war regarding the […]

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The 6 Steps of Effective Brainstorming

   Your Role Is To Get To The Bottom of Things When trying to get to the bottom of an issue with a client, persistence pays off. This is critical when trying to help your client achieve a key outcome through the development of effective strategies using brainstorming techniques. In the first instance, your job […]

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