Managing Personal Space – Should You Keep Your Distance?

Given the nature of what I do in public life, I am forever interacting and meeting with other people in both small and large, busy environments. In particular, I have a range of meetings and events coming up for the remainder of the year, in very public arenas that attract a lot of attention and […]

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Our COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Western Australia has been fortunate for the best part of 10 months with most of us moving around quite freely. However, effective tonight we are in full lockdown for the next five days as it would seem that one of the virulent strains has made its way out into the wider community. The state government […]

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Social Distancing (and Isolation) in Space! 7 Useful Tips For You At Home

Mission 63 is underway on the International Space Station (the ISS). So, what insights can we glean from such missions in space regarding social distancing and social isolation? After all, isn’t it a bit cosy up there? What do they do to stay sane? And aren’t they up there, like, forever? Seven Tips For You! […]

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